Naming incidents

I was in a bar on Thursday after the second of recent incidents.

On going into the bar a security guard asked to search my bag.

All I could think was that this was a pointless PR exercise.

Firstly, if I was a bomber, a security guard searching my bag would not have stopped me detonating the bomb.

What would I have said, “Oh you have seen the bomb now, I guess I will go next door instead, and set it off there.”

Secondly, if I was a Muslim fundamentalist, I would not go into a bar anyway, it is full of alcohol.

In fact, a bar is probably the safest place to be.

I say to you all if there is an alert, run into the nearest pub or bar.

If bouncers are searching bags to make people feel safe, they should not underestimate the intelligence of their clientele.

On a similar subject, the Tube unions understandably want to ensure that their members are safe while working on the underground.

After all, they would not want to lose their power base now would they?

The underground union leader suggested on national television that we have airport-style security checks on tube platforms.

Is this why the union workers pay their subscriptions, to pay the salaries of their representatives to raise their profiles by voicing dumb ideas in the media?

Millions of people get onto the tube system at two hundred and seventy five stations thoughout the underground network.

It would take a military-style operation to screen all those people, which would cause countless delays, and make the tube system impractical and inoperable.

There is also discussion of random searches of passengers getting on the tube.

Any introduction of random searches would not be random by their very nature. If the police are looking for a particular demographic, then that demographic will be searched more than any other.


~ by jeditopcat on 29 October, 2008.

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