Week commencing 07.12.03

Well as most of my reading public know, I have been in the 40 degree heat of Australia for the month of December.

Now I have to admit, while I was there I did not spend a lot of time scowering the news for interesting news points, but one or two interesting issues did give me pause for thought.

So what better than a commentary on the news in Australia.

Just for being Gay

A discussion has begun as the Australian high court has said that anyone persecuted in their own country for being gay has the right to seek political asylum in Australia.

Some are concerned that this would be difficult to prove and that the court have opened the floodgates to any less honest asylum seekers.

I recognise the arguments for and against on this issue, however this is a human rights issue.

If anyone is being persecuted for the colour of their skin, their religion, their views and opinions or way of life, then they should have the right to protection from the international community.

Scared America

A British Airways plane was held for security searches for three hours, after landing at Washington’s Dulles airport on New Year’s Eve.

The Boeing 747 arrived on Wednesday evening, with 247 passengers and 17 crew on board.

An FBI spokeswoman said some passengers were questioned but no arrests made.

The US has raised its national alert status to orange – the second-highest level – and six Air France flights to Los Angeles were cancelled last week.

The thing that caught my attention about this story is the fact that the American government passed this incident off as a “routine check procedure”, and the public bought it!


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