Daphne Gibson – My mother – Eulogy

My mother was a strong, diplomatic woman who played the delicate balance between devoted wife and forthright mother that was necessary for women of her era.

She came to England in the early sixties as a young woman with a spirit of adventure, and the hope for an improved lifestyle, much the same as many other West Indians of her generation.

To me, my mother was a strong woman.

She ran the household on a day to day basis, ensuring amongst other things, that the bills were paid and that we never went hungry.

She knew instinctively what was important to her children, and did whatever was necessary allow us to grow and develop into the people we are today.

She juggled two jobs; that of raising a family, and working as a maternity nurse at nights. I often now look back and wonder when she found the time to sleep.

My mother was a fun loving person, but it was not until I was older, that I realised the complexity of her wit.

Some of my best memories are of the time I spent with her in Barbados while my father was in England. She truly sparkled, appreciating every moment of the day and embracing all that it had to offer.

Even something as mundane as shopping for groceries gave me more insight into this beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated woman whom I called Mum.

My Mum’s mind suffered through her illness in her later years, but even then you could still see the grit, determination and strength that was infused into her personality, and could not be eroded by sickness.

She is free of that sickness now, and for that, I am grateful, because now her essence, her character, her ‘spirit’ if you will, is free, and my mother is once again whole.

My mother was a strong woman, from a family of strong women, but she was also a compassionate woman, who always gave others the benefit of the doubt.

It is one of the many attributes about my mother which she practiced with effortless calm, and I struggle with daily.

My mother is the model of human kindness and compassion upon which I base my own life.

The memories of my mother that will remain with me are those of joy and understanding under difficult circumstances.

We have come here today not only to mourn her passing, but to celebrate her life: a remarkable life by any measure, and one which leaves a legacy of love and hope for the future of all those she touched.

Arabella and I will carry the eternal light of her legacy with us for the rest of our lives.


~ by jeditopcat on 8 November, 2008.

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