My Father’s quotes

“If you love your mother ,let her know. If she earned your praise, show it. Let words of true encouragement be generously said. Do not wait until it is over , and she is laid beneath the dover, for she cannot read her tombstone when she is dead.”

“A rose has blown over the garden wall and blossom on the other side.”

“We touch so briefly, a fragment of time.”

“Sweet and gracious memories grow stronger day by day.”

“To some you may be forgotten, to others, part of the past, but to those who
loved and lost you, treasured memories will always last.”

“Time cannot steal the memories that we carry in our hearts.”

“Our destiny lies in our innate qualities.”

“Friendship is a precious gift that cannot be bought or sold, but it’s value is
far greater than a mountain of gold.”

“There is no magic formula that can cloak us with the gladness of living, it comes
from willingness and enthusiasm to find one’s own way.”

“Enthusiasm unbridled. Passion unbowed. Aura of invincibility.”

“Tongue-tied knowledge is better than ignorant loquacity.”(Cicero)

“Linguistic exactitude”

Robert Louis Stevenson graduated as a barrister, then declared “the law is an ass.”

*Tribute to Winston Churchill :

“He possessed many remarkable attributes, but we remember him best of all for clear vision, and unshakeable courage. He grappled with the future because he alone could see it.

In turbulent and uncertain times he stood alone in a lonely minority as he warned against tyrany.

He nevered wavered in his convictions sustained by a belief in the fundamental moral principles. We rightfully honour the memory of the man and the combined effects and noble cause for which he fought to sustain the cultural and medical ties that unite us. We salute the memory of this great man…..”

“Resolve to pursue a vision which gives us hope, courage and inspiration.

Vision is usually what is in our hearts…….It enhances the quality of life.“

“Stars bedeck the heavens like swinging lanterns.”

“It was his nature to believe the best in people.”

“With probity, with honesty, and openness.”

“Whether by nature or by art, every movement is a display of beauty.”

“A triumph of hope over experience.”

“An opportune time to reflect.”

“Hard work, dedication and commitment.”

“Nothing can replace the warmth and friendship I have experienced.”

“Let the word of peace be spoken when relationships are broken.”

“Let love speak and heal the smart of wounds inflicted on the heart.”

“Let love speak the final blessing, casting away all doubt before the day’s closing.”

“Let love’s language sweet and tender, render its own gentle service saying what is kind and wise with the lips or with the eyes.”

“Let no grievance leave an ember which you may remember and regret in

later years with penitential tears.”

“He who lives on hope will die fasting” (Benjamin Franklyn)

“Envy is the most unfortunate characteristic of human nature.”

“All the horizons still look new.”

“Haste is the enemy of perfection.”

“Angel of mercy,  vision of loveliness.”

“The grapes of wrath are more genuine than niceties and platitudes.”

“It is said that the older the grapes, the sweeter the wine; all I can say is, unless something happens soon, mine will not be worth picking.”

“How ferocious are the wounds inflicted by weapons of one’s own making.”

“Joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, laughter and tears.”

“You have given us the greatest gift of all, friendship. A friendless life

is as barren as a garden without flowers. Where souls touch, friends are near.”

“It is how a man has effected the minds and souls of them around him.”

“The unfilled void in our lives.”

“We came as observers, emerged as contributors and leave as cherished friends.”

“Empathy for each other.”

“A matter of elementary deduction.”

“People can  surprisingly be perverse in their reactions to what is done on their behalf.”

“Human awareness of the passing of time is a fallible instrument of measure.”

“No man is an island entire of itself, every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” (John Donne an English poet)

“Turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.”

« Endurance produces discipline, discipline produces character, character

produces hope.”

“What I hear, I forget, what I see, I remember, what I do, I know and

understand.”(Chinese saying).

“How small is man when faced with the greatness of nature.”

“Life is an oasis of knowledge from which I am constantly learning.”

“Only through hope eternal can true love run deep.”(Legion)

“Hope is the mother of faith.”

“The clouds of time roll by,but we stand here in our dreams.”

“That endless cloud where death meets life.”

“Do good by stealth and blush to find it fame.” (Alexandre Pope)

“A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.”

*Woman is the soul of man, the radiance that lights his way to fight for the right

without question or pause.”

“Assurance of cordial sentiments”

“Suffering can be embraced with no loss of dignity.”

“Calmed by the wisdom and courage of peace.”

“Truth has an iron fist.”

“A laugh is as necessary to a human being as sunshine is to a cabbage.”

“Think all you  speak, but speak not all you think.”

“A hen can sit still and earn a living, but a man cannot.”

“Age cannot wither, nor custom stale her infinite variety.”

“There, but for the grace of God, go I.”  (John Bradford on seeing a man carted

off to be hanged 400 years ago).

“A limereck is 5 lines”

“It is a great mistake to get one’s self into a state of nervous excitement all the time.” (Harold Macmillan)

“Scene so beautiful it must have been gazed on by Angels in their flight.”(comment by David Livingstone on seeing the Victoria falls)

“Fire your imagination to wider possibilities.”

“Set your determination to greater achievement.”

“Let it be your endeavour to raise this family to a higher plane in the annals of it’s history.”

“KKK was formed in Tennessee in 1866. It was disbanded in 1996, and the NRA was formed days later.”

“KALI is the Hindu Goddess of death who seduces her victims before killing them in the most thrilling ways she can devise.”

“Burns like a consuming flame filled with vengeance. No room left for love, laughter and tears.”

“Discord / Harmony, Doubt / Truth, Injury / pardon, despair / hope.”

“Truth is a precious commodity.” ( Mark Twain)

“That which matters most changes least.”

“All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to stand by and do nothing.”

“Of all virtues, give me loyalty and warm-hearted friendship”

“It is easy to find your way into trouble, the hard part is finding your way out.“

“Words are sometimes pretty poor currency to express values that are really inexpressible.”

“Bring challenge and enrichment to our lives.”

“Magnanimity in politics is not seldom the truest wisdom.” Edmund Burke 1775

in a speech on British conciliation with America.

“Above petty resentment and jealousy, a major virtue which at any level sweetens life, and at the highest, glorifies it. It is a quality praised by men throughout the ages.”

“Perfection can mean confusion of ends. Sometimes the hopes we have for tomorrow, can die today.”

“Brother-hood of man. togetherness of person kind.”

“Ridiculous pedantry.”

“Inspired to magnificent endeavour.”

“New fields of human ingenuity.”

“Merit your approbation and esteem.”

“Enthusiasm runs high, depressions run correspond dingly deeper.”

“Unsullied by the assault of time.”

“Sparkle with the virgin gloss of newness or excitement.”

“Gleam in unblemished splendour.”

“There are many faiths and many creeds and many paths that wind and wind, but all this old world really needs is the act of being kind.”

“The world is full of facts, but it is the interpretation of them that really matters.”

“Compassion is better than anger.”

“Growing wave of restlessness.”

“Bastions of autocracy.”

“Pride is the evil shadow of greatness.”

“Time is too slow for those who wait. Too swift for those who fear. Too long for those who grieve. Too short for those who rejoice; but for those who love, time is eternity, love is eternal.”

“The pursuit of excellence”

“She would rather light candles than curse the darkness and her glow has warmed the world.” (Adlai Stevenson on Eleanor Roosevelt).

“It is common to err in frailty. A tribute my heart pays.”

“Manners are a window through which we can see into the life of a person.”

“Moisture to the eyes, perspiration to the brow, and to the palate a desire for more and more.”

“What worthwhile things we do today will inspire others in the future.”

“With serious effort and determined will, the heights to which we can aspire are exceedingly great indeed.”

“A smile is like an open umbrella on a rainy day.”

“A person of vision imbuded with a sense of destiny.”

“Justice when possible, severity when necessary.”

“Enrich rather than impoverish.”

“Change of content and substance.“

“It is said adversity has no friends, but all the doubts and difficulties faced were made bearable because of the support, loyalty and devotion given.”

Spoffard, a brilliant lawyer in the 19th century, on losing 4 daughters in a ship disaster wrote “When peace like a river”.

“Enlightened self interest may spill over into social awareness.”

“It is not without admiration and a feeling of pride that I write to congratulate

BONA (UK) on the celebration of your tenth anniversary. As one who for most

of the years was privileged to observe your progress, and the variety of activities of which you have been an integral part, my heart pays tribute to, among other

things, the selflessness and manner in which you are never slow to be identified

with suitably deserving causes. Indeed, one might say that the worthwhile things

you are doing today, cannot but certainly inspire others in the future.

Another of your activities which must not go unmentioned is that of the

choir whose performances, unsullied by the assault of time, on every occasion seem to sparkle with the virgin gloss of new excitement. We are all truly enriched.

May good fortune be always in attendance, inspiring you to magnificent endeavour.” Ernest Gibson.

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