Size Zero

These days we teenagers have such bad role models that I won’t be surprised if we all grew up to be psychologists, trying to figure out our own lives through other peoples. I’m not saying we’re not for the most part driven to succeed, and have goals in life, and aspirations – I’m talking about the personal things for our generation: starting with weight.

I didn’t realise until it was too late – the ‘zero’ is in and it’s ruining our lives.

Let’s take Beyoncé for a prime example: a couple of years ago she was the perfect role model for young black women – successful and strong willed and at least a size 12 with big thighs and big boobs (I’m not perving here, just making an observation). She even made a huge fuss when some magazine or other airbrushed her so that her bum was smaller, spouting all sorts about how it wasn’t the real her.

Recent pictures have shown her to be terribly thin with an awful sticklike appearance to her arms – no muscle definition or fat on her; she looked literally like skin and bones.

Now shall I tell you what got to her? Not the film role she says she’s slimming down for, but the ‘size zero phenomenon’.

I tell you though; she is not the only one to succumb. It doesn’t matter that these women look disgusting, they have no shape and are so severely underweight that their periods have probably stopped, and they have 72% more chance of miscarriage. The fact is that all of these beautiful women with gorgeous boyfriends and mansions and porches all look like that. The image of perfection for teenage girls today is this waif like stick insect with perfect hair and teeth.

My mum asks me why I’m obsessive over my weight – why I weigh and measure myself every two days, and I’ll tell you why:

I know in my heart of hearts that I don’t look so bad, that I don’t really need to lose weight but it’s not our hearts controlling this. It is our heads and our eyes. My eyes see these beautiful stick insects, those lovely clothes horses and looking in the mirror I can see that I don’t look like them. My head then follows these thoughts and says… well, if you only lost a few pounds…


~ by jeditopcat on 8 November, 2008.

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