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Square eyes
Heavy computer use could be linked to glaucoma, especially among those who are short-sighted, fear researchers. Glaucoma is caused by increased fluid pressure within the eye compressing the nerves at the back, which can lead to blindness if not treated.

The findings, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, are based on 10,000 Japanese workers. The authors and experts recommend more research, particularly because being short-sighted is a known glaucoma risk.

That is what you get for looking at porn on the computer. Your mother told you that you would go blind.

Train me
Most people in Britain agree that employers who do not train their workers properly should be fined by the government, a survey suggests. Some 59% think companies cannot be relied upon to take responsibility for improving skills, the Association of Colleges says.

Of the 2,045 people interviewed in England, Wales and Scotland, 74% were in favour of fines. But the CBI said it was schools and colleges which were often at fault.

There is a thin line here between where secondary education should stop an job related stills should start. Young adults should be encouraged to stay in the learning environment of school for as long as possible, without the lure of on the job training, where they could be exploited as cheap labour.

Powell resigns
US Secretary of State Colin Powell is resigning but is expected to stay in his post until a successor is found. He said, in his resignation letter, it was time for him to step down and return to a private life.

National security adviser Condoleezza Rice and UN ambassador John Danforth are tipped as possible successors. The White House confirmed it had accepted the resignation of Mr Powell, along with three other members of President Bush’s cabinet.

The others are expected to be Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman, and Education Secretary Rod Paige.

This man should have been the next president of the united states of America. He had honour and dignity, and commanded the trust and respect of, not only the American people, but also the world’s nations. Who will keep that mad man Bush in check now?

Rice in
US President George W Bush has chosen National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice as his new secretary of state, senior US officials in Washington say.

Ms Rice, 50, a close confidante of Mr Bush, could be named on Tuesday to succeed Colin Powell, US media report. As the first black female secretary of state she would win a place in the history books, correspondents say.

She does not look 50 does she. Those are big shoes to fill, Colin Powell was a man of dignity and honour, Rice, is just a lawyer.

People’s apology
An online war is under way between Americans who want to apologise for the US presidential election results, and those who are happy with the way it turned out.

Sorryeverybody.com started the duel the day after the polls closed, with a picture of its creator holding up a “Sorry World” message. Since then the site has racked up more than 27 million hits as other people post pictures and view the growing gallery of images.

But the site has also seen the creation of at least eight other websites set up by supporters of president George W Bush who believe there is nothing to apologise for.

Apology accepted from those who tried to make a difference

Blowing smoke
Smoking could be banned in every cafe, restaurant and most pubs in England within a few years under plans being unveiled by the government on Tuesday. BBC News has learned the White Paper on Public Health will plan to make most enclosed public areas, including offices and factories, smoke-free.

Only private clubs, where members voted to allow smoking, and pubs which do not serve prepared food would be exempt. The plans mean that up to 90% of bars could be smoke-free within a few years.

Smokers are here complaining that their rights are being legislated away, yet these same people do not think twice about blowing smoke in your face or smoking while you are eating.

And they talk about regulating themselves, why wait until not? Why have they not regulated themselves before now? Because like their smoking habit, they are inconsiderate.

Women on Atkins
Atkins-style low carbohydrate diets are more effective for men than women, US researchers say. A third of the 15 men on the diet lost more than 10lbs with one participant shedding 25lbs while the weight loss among the 13 women was not as dramatic.

The University of Connecticut study, partly funded by the Atkins Foundation, also compared different types of diet. A low carbohydrate diet was up to three times more effective at losing weight from the trunk area than a low fat one.

Atkins is a high meat diet and of course everybody know that women do not like to eat meat

American researchers claim to have found convincing evidence that locates the site of the lost kingdom of Atlantis off the coast of Cyprus. The team spent six days scanning the Mediterranean sea bed between Cyprus and Syria using sonar technology.

They believe they found evidence of massive, manmade structures beneath the ocean floor, including two straight, 2-km (1.25 mile) long walls on a hill. They say their discoveries match accounts of the city written by Plato.

Have these people not seen Stargate, or even Stargate Atlantis? If they had they would know that it had been discovered by the Americans long ago, and was being manned by an ‘International’ team of Canadians and Americans

Sacked Tory frontbencher Boris Johnson has denied lying to his party leader over his affair. Mr Johnson, who edits the Spectator magazine, was fired for failing to tell the truth about claims he had an affair with a columnist.

But leaving his family home today, the Henley MP told reporters: “I did not mislead Michael Howard.” Going for an early morning run, Mr Johnson said he would do everything he could to save his marriage.

The question here is that whether a politicians private life is any bodies business but their own. If he had been caught evading tax, then that is different because he is breaking the law. However, he had an affair, why should he be sacked for hat. Would you be sacked for having an affair?

Eastern promise
The record number of single men living in the UK could soon be fielding offers from the Orient. A dating agency has opened its first UK office to help single Japanese women find romance in Britain.

Destina Japan says many of the women believe Japanese men do not understand their need to have a career, but feel Western men are more open-minded.

Most clients live in the UK, but some are prepared to pay thousands of pounds to travel from Japan to meet a mate. The company says its typical client is a professional woman in her 30s, earning around £50,000 a year. They include doctors, entrepeneurs, lawyers and financial analysts, it says.

Destina Japan says 35% of Japanese women aged in their 30s are single. Among 30- to 34-year-olds, that figure rises to more than 40%, it said.

Next weeks commentary will be brought to you from Japan….Where I will be hoping to get into the nooks and crannies of this story

Phone tax
Italians have reacted angrily to government proposals to bring in a tax on mobile phone text messages. With 27 billion text messages sent by Italy’s residents last year, even a small surtax could raise a fortune.

But Italians – who own more mobile phones and send more text messages per head of population than any other nation – are unlikely to support it. The plan was put forward as a way to help Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi fulfil election promises to cut taxes.

This is another example of a power crazed, over wealthy, megalomaniac, of a prime minister that Italy has. The money will no doubt go directly into he empire.


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