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Toy cops
The Police Federation has said it strongly opposes giving Community Support Officers (CSOs) the power to detain suspects for up to 30 minutes.

The powers – piloted in six areas – were extended to all police forces in England and Wales on Thursday. The federation said CSOs do not have the experience, training and safety equipment to deal with “potentially confrontational” situations.

Tell me, when you are walking down the street and you see a ‘once retired’ old man , and a ‘once long term unemployed – this is the only job I could get that was not burger king ‘ teenage in their ‘toy cop’ uniform, do you feel safe. Do not be palmed of with ‘toy cops’ or fakes get real police on our streets.

Bush monkey
A controversial portrait of President George W Bush, formed using monkey heads, has been projected on a giant billboard in Manhattan. Chris Savido’s acrylic painting, Bush Monkeys, prompted gallery managers to close down a 60-piece show at New York’s Chelsea Market last week.

Anonymous donors subsequently paid for the picture to be posted over the entrance to Holland Tunnel for a month. Some 400,000 drivers are expected to see the billboard each day. The small painting appears to be a portrait of Mr Bush but on closer inspection is made up of monkey heads in marshes.

I think that it is a good piece of work and allows the beholder to read what they want into it. The installation as it stands is not offensive. No doubt the gallery will site terrorism reasons for not displaying it. That is the excuse they use for everything else.

Xmas stroll
A stroll after Christmas dinner is part of many families’ festive timetable – but heart experts say a pre-dinner walk is a good idea. Glasgow University research for the British Heart Foundation found it could help reduce the damage done by too much Christmas pudding.

It says a 90-minute walk lowers fat levels in the blood and improves blood vessel function. The study is published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

The way I have been eating I would have to walk around the world, let alone 90minutes. Although I like the idea of walking around the streets wishing people a merry xmas…..Sorry do not know what came over me just then.

Radio waves from mobile phones do harm body cells and damage DNA, a laboratory study has shown. But the European Union-funded Reflex research did not prove such changes were a risk to human health.

The scientists behind the study, which has not been published in a journal, said more work was needed to see the actual effect of the phones on health. But the UK National Radiological Protection Board said people should not be worried by the study’s findings.

They did not prove that it was putting humans at risk, are they mad. It is changing our DNA!!! We will all probably be waling around with ears that can grip a mobile phone soon.

A Malaysian footballer looks set to be shown the red card by his team for jilting his bride at the altar via a mobile phone text message.

Hesmawi Hassan faces the sack after his last minute message to fiance Norlida left her to face 1,000 guests at their wedding reception alone.

Now, I have to say, this is the coldest story of this type that I have heard in a long time. Jilting someone by mobile is cowardly as it is, but on your wedding day, that is just one step beyond.

UK councillor
A controversial councillor living in the Dominican Republic has failed to show up for a council meeting. Stephen Gregory was due to attend a Wear Valley District Council meeting on Friday morning in order to keep claiming £4,500 a year expenses.

But he failed to show and now has one last chance to put in an appearance at another meeting on Friday afternoon. Last month the 47-year-old, who is the councillor for Bishop Auckland, told BBC News he would “probably resign.” Mr Gregory’s constituents claim that by living abroad, he cannot represent them properly.

This is a story that I have followed for a while now. There was no way that he can have his constituents in interests at heart if he does not live in the same country, let alone the same region. He played the system and won.

Fake signature
US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has pledged to personally sign letters of condolence to the families of American soldiers killed in action. He spoke shortly after his admission that he had used a machine to sign letters to relatives of more than 1,000 troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr Rumsfeld is facing growing criticism from both Democrats and Republicans who are questioning his record in Iraq. He was given a public grilling from his own troops earlier this month.

During his visit to a US base in Kuwait, American soldiers alleged they had used scrap metal to armour vehicles.

How could anyone not be outraged by his actions. Even J W Bush finds the time to sign the bottom of a letter. Although I am not sure which is the bigger insult, a fake signature, or a signature for J W Bush

ID cards, again
Charles Clarke faces his first real test as home secretary on Monday with a possible backbench rebellion over the controversial ID cards bill.

Up to 30 Labour MPs could oppose the scheme during a Commons debate. Mr Clarke, who took on the post on Thursday after David Blunkett quit, has rejected calls to “pause” on the bill.

Tory leader Michael Howard also faces a possible rebellion after deciding to back identity cards. The Liberal Democrats oppose the plans.

Ok readers, I know that this is a topic that I bring up a lot but it is a serious issue. I was listening to Radio 4 this morning and the government were putting forward the argument for the card. Very poor, very poor indeed. In fact I will write an article on it. Give me a moment though.

Plastic beauty
A 22-year-old student has been crowned China’s first ever Miss Artificial Beauty at a pageant exclusively for women who have had plastic surgery.

Feng Qian received gifts worth 50,000 Yuan ($6,000) after beating 19 other finalists aged 17 to 62 in Beijing. To prevent cheating, all contestants – who included one transsexual – had to provide a doctor’s certificate to prove that they had indeed had surgery. China’s fast-growing cosmetic surgery is now worth $2.4bn a year.

Maybe she should put that money towards the therapy that young girls will need now they have been told that beauty is only skin deep

Live debate
Preparations are under way in Ukraine for a live presidential debate between the two rivals, with a week to go until the re-run of the disputed poll. Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, whose victory last month was declared illegal due to fraud, will take part with opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko.

It will be their first meeting since doctors confirmed Mr Yushchenko was suffering from deliberate poisoning. Mr Yanukovych has denied any involvement in the incident. Ahead of last month’s poll the presidential candidates took part in what was supposed to be a televised discussion, but there was no debating – only a series of statements.

This time the rules have been changed to ensure that Mr Yanukovych and Mr Yushchenko have time to ask each other questions.

I have to say, my first question would have to be, ”Why did you try to poison me?”. My second would be “Why did you cheat in the last elections?” That should o it.

Sikh Theatre
The Sikh community and the Birmingham Repertory Theatre are meeting police on Monday to discuss a protest about a play in which officers were injured. Three were hurt during clashes at the theatre on Saturday after 400 people gathered outside to demonstrate.

Management say Behzti, depicting sex abuse and murder in a temple, does not seek to portray the Sikh faith in a negative fashion. Religious leaders have urged people to boycott the theatre.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Birmingham issued the appeal on Sunday after being involved in recent multi-faith talks with the theatre to try to stop the play going ahead.

I think that every culture should have the right to criticize itself, and bring to light areas of concern or issues to be debated. Examples like ‘The real McCoy’ and ‘Goodness gracious me’ both managed this peacefully. Protesters should debate the topic not bully the topic away

And why are the Roman Catholics involved? How is this issue their debate?


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