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52 days
Tube workers yesterday negotiated a pay deal that gives them a 35 hour working week, and a 52 day holiday, for an increase in pay.

This comes at a time when commuters are being squashed into small, cramped, non air conditioned compartments; Train are constantly running late; and tube workers are discovered drinking on the job and claiming unfounded sick days without being disciplined.

What do you think? Do they deserve a pay rise? Would you get a pay rise for this work ethic or would you get the sack?

Let them eat chocolate
An ingredient of chocolate could put a stop to persistent coughs and lead to new, more effective cough medicines, research suggests. Scientists found the key ingredient, theobromine, is nearly a third more effective in stopping persistant coughs than the leading medicine codeine.

They say it produces fewer side effects than conventional treatment – and would not leave people drowsy. The research, led by Imperial College London, is published in FASEB journal.

I knew it, this has been my excuse all along. The only problem is that you have to eat a lot of chocolate for it to have an impact, and that is also a problem of mine.

Queen’s speech
New measures to fight crime and drugs are expected to be at the heart of the Queen’s Speech on Tuesday. The creation of national ID cards, and new measures against anti-social behaviour and drug abuse, will be among more than 20 bills to be outlined.

The speech, which comes in the run-up to the next election, sets out the government’s agenda for the year ahead and is delivered amid much ceremony. Credit cards, road safety and schools are among other subjects being tackled.

Can nobody see the irony of a queen, announcing her governments wishes, to further erode the civil liberties of her people.

Tens of thousands of opposition demonstrators have flooded back into the heart of the Ukrainian capital Kiev to show support for their leader. For a second day people are rallying for pro-western liberal Viktor Yushchenko, saying Sunday’s presidential election was rigged.

Official results give Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych a narrow lead. Crowds rallied in Kiev’s main square and outside parliament, where there are calls for the result to be annulled.

I can not believe that this is happening in the 21st Century. A president rigging the elections so that the person with the most votes does not win….wait, has this not happened before?

The irony it is the US that are complaining that these are unfair elections. Well, I guess that they should know, thy have had plenty of practice at recognizing unfair elections. They should know all the tricks of the trade

Guinea pigs
A television advert that shows a guinea pig drinking Heinz tomato ketchup has been criticised by the RSPCA. The commercial features a guinea pig in a cage drinking ketchup instead of water and finishes with the slogan “You can’t eat without it”.

The RSPCA says it sends out the wrong message to pet owners because water is an essential part of the animals’ diet. Have they no sense of humour at all. Is it a requirement of the job to take any job about animals as a plot to wipe out every species on the face of the planet

Best Country?
Ireland is the best place to live in the world, according to a “quality of life” assessment by Economist magazine.

The country’s combination of increasing wealth and traditional values gives it the conditions most likely to make its people happy, the survey found.

However they did not mention the fact that it is constantly raining and most of the country is like living in a small rural town, even in the cities. Mind you, Budapest will be pleased as they hold up Ireland as an example of their hope for the future.

End of days
Pupils were left in tears after a teacher told them that an asteroid was about to hit Earth and kill them all. The spoof announcement was designed to teach 14-year-olds the importance of seizing the day but backfired after they became visibly frightened.

Keith Hogan, head teacher at St Matthew’s RC High School in Moston, Manchester, said he regretted any distress caused to the 230 pupils. The head of year behind the assembly “stunt” later moved to reassure them.

He had told the year nine students that the asteroid was on a “collision course”. It is also believed that the students were told that they should go home and say “final farewells” to their families.

It is like ‘War of the Worlds’ all over again. How gullible and stupid are the general public. I think that it was a good lesson ‘Carpe Diem’

Smashing time
A Spanish scrapyard has come up with a smashing way of helping people take out their frustrations on modern living. For 40 euros ($52), they can pick up sledgehammers and bash away on anything from cars and computers to mobile phones and even photos of the boss.

Held in Lubia, 160 kms (100 miles) northeast of Madrid, it is described as “damage therapy”, says Reuters. One happy punter said: “I have smashed the car, my sameness and my stress… everything, it is terrific.”The “therapy” has been organised by a group called StopStress.

Along with a hammer, customers are given helmets, overalls, goggles and heavy metal music for head banging. Customers can spend up to two hours hitting away, but nobody has managed more than 30 minutes, organisers say

Now this is a great idea. It is like in Hong Kong where the locals gather outside of the airport, under the flight path of incoming planes and shout at the top of their voices. Great idea. Mind you those scrap yards are probably full of Black Spanyards at the moment after Spanish football supporters showed their true colours against the black English players this weekend.

DVD kills video
The death of the video cassette recorder appears to be in sight after the UK’s largest electrical chain said it is to stop selling them.

Dixons will phase out VCRs due to the boom in DVD players, sales of which have grown seven-fold in five years. It ends a 26-year love affair with a gadget which changed viewing habits by allowing people to leave home without missing their favourite programmes.

Video is dead, long live recordable dvds and hard drives

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