Week commening 29.12.04

Mean dad
A Texas father is auctioning off the video game systems he had bought his sons for Christmas, saying they do not deserve the expensive presents. The 41-year-old man from Pasadena said he had bought three Nintendo DS systems – one for each son.

But fed up with their misbehaviour, he has posted the items on the eBay auction website. “No kidding,” the eBay posting says. “Three undeserving boys have crossed the line.” The man told the Houston Chronicle newspaper that he and his wife were at their wits’ end. The boys – aged nine, 11, and 15 – would not stop fighting, swearing and making obscene gestures, he said

Makes you wonder where is the sprit of xmas? Why did he buy them for his kids in the first place? And why did he tell the newspapers? “Me thinks this could have been planned.”

Pay and ride
The Russian space agency says it will stop carrying US astronauts to the International Space Station for free. Agency head Anatoly Perminov said US astronauts would be ferried to the ISS “on a commercial basis” from 2006.

US shuttles remain grounded following the fatal accident last year when the Columbia shuttle burned up on re-entry. Correspondents say that the agency, Roskosmos, operates with a budget much smaller than its US counterpart, Nasa, and is facing financial hardship.

It is about time, the Americans have been getting a free ride generally for far too long. They would not hesitate to charge anyone else

Actor Jude Law, rugby hero Jonny Wilkinson and R&B star Ms Dynamite have won a place in Britain’s most exclusive reference books. Despite including 700 new celebrities, the 2005 edition of Debrett’s People of Today axed some of its previously listed VIPs who performed poorly.

Sir Jimmy Savile, former MP Edwina Currie and Natalie Appleton all got the boot, as did footballer Paul Gascoigne. The book lists between 25,000 and 32,000 of Britain’s top achievers.

Where is my name for the most opinionated website of the year?


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