Week ending 02.07.06

England v Portugal

So the England dream is over for another four years.

Going out on penalties is indicative of the way that England have played this whole world cup, defensively and cautiously.

To my mind England did not want his world cup, they just did not play with the hunger of the under-dog.

Although the defensive tactic worked will once England were playing with ten men, there were certainly not enough white shirts inside the Portuguese box on all other occasions.

With the way England have been playing, they were lucky to get this far.

However there is a lot to be said for the despicable acting in the modern day game.

Players spend most of there time on the floor nursing a fake injury that playing he game.

These ‘actors’ should be penalised for the time that they spend disrupting the game and effectively openly cheating.

Perhaps it is time that Football steps inline with Cricket, Rugby and most other national sports, with the introduction of the Electronic eye.

Superman Returns

Superman Returns tells a good story.

It is not the sort of film where there is non-stop action, although when there is action it is well conceived.

After Christopher Reeves, Brandon Routh has big shoes to fill, and in short, he plays Superman very well.

To my mind Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent is better played by Tom Welling, but that maybe because Tom Welling’s Clark Kent is Superman without the cape and tights.

I liked this movie and I liked Brandon Routh in it.

There are a lot of God, Jesus, and Saviour references, so I can se why the Christians love this movie.

There are some great one liner by the various cast members that pay homage to the original movies, and some good humoured jokes about obvious Superman concepts.

Kevin Spacey goes back to the Lex Luthor of the films rather than the Lex of Smallville or the comics.

All in all the two and a half or more hours just ‘flew’ by.

Superman has truly returned.

Look out for a raft of dvd extras.


~ by jeditopcat on 8 November, 2008.

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