Week ending 19.03.06

Recently the ‘Seven’ tv station’s current affairs programme ‘Today tonight’ in Melbourne has been running a series of, what I consider to be, inflammatory pieces, highlighting immigration and non white migrant activity.

Recent programme trailers include lines such as “They are coming here to steal our jobs”, “The Aussie test” and “No English required”

It is my opinion that ‘Seven’ has blurred the line between investigative journalism and sensationalism.

What ever happened to reporting the new, the bare facts, without trying to fill hours of airtime with emotional content pretending to be news.

Journalists have a responsibility to inform and educate the public, not fuel its hysteria and institutionalized prejudices.

These duties are ever more important when people like the Australian Federal Treasurer Peter Costello says thing like “Islamic sharia law is not compatible with Australian law” and called for migrants to “subscribe to Australian values”. The implication being that Australian values are higher than those of other countries, races, and religions.

The media is charged with presenting a full and fair view of the news and events, as it is the only source of information for a lot of people.

I have witnessed and experienced first hand white Australia prejudging its non white counterparts, employing its bigotry and preconceived ideas in order to make misinformed snap judgement of non whites.

A sports journalist during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth games on Wednesday night referred to an Australian long distance runner as “Australia’s great white hope” against the Kenyans and other African nations. I can only assume that he is aware of the racial implication of his statement and conclude that his words accurately reflect his attitude.

Again in the Commonwealth games opening ceremony, Australia was shown adverts during the entrances of the African and Caribbean nations to the statium, while all other nations were shown in their entirety.

It is not the role of the media to further demonise sections of the population, or highlight differences that can be exploited by the week minded or politically astute.

The media should fight for the people, not against its citizens.

Give me the facts, give me the news.!


~ by jeditopcat on 8 November, 2008.

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