Week ending 19.09.05

Orlando Speaks’ changes format

As you are all aware I am leaving the UK. Yes I know, I can hear you all gasping from the shock, but do not worry, Hell has not frozen over.

I will spend the next two months travelling through China before taking up residence in Australia.

As a result the format of this site will change over the following months.

1. From now until Mid November, the ‘Story of the day’ will be suspended. As you can imagine it may be a little difficult to find a computer terminal half way up a mountain, let alone keep abreast of the interesting stories in the news. Don’t forget, I am in China. Instead the page will become a weekly travel diary.  I will attempt to post articles every week describing my exploits through China. So log on periodically to catch up on my progress across my spiritual home.

2. During my travel period the ‘I think not’ pages will house the travel diaries relating to the previous weeks.

3. My departure from UK shores means that I will need to rely on you, the reader, to keep abreast of the interesting stories while I am gone. So please keep your articles coming in, and I will post them when I can.

4. When my travels are complete, I will be in Australia. This means that the focus of my articles may shift from UK to Australia commentary. But do not fear, I will always have the Americans and the French to berate.

5. Finally, I will take the opportunity to overhaul the site, so look out for a brand new look over the coming months, with new features, exciting new section, and new contributors.

So log on from time to time and look in on this site. I know you will be pleasantly surprised.


100 minute bible
A new version of the Bible which its author says can be read in less than two hours has been launched. The 100-Minute Bible, written as a page-turner for those who do not have the time to read the full version, was unveiled at Canterbury Cathedral.

Its author, ex-headteacher the Rev Michael Hinton said: “We have majored on Jesus, because he is the central figure in the Bible.” Bishop of Jarrow, the Rt Rev John Pritchard was a consultant on the book.

“I don’t think most people know the Bible very well,” he said. “This is an attempt to say, ‘Look, there’s a great story here – let’s get into it and let’s not get put off by the things that are going to be the sub-plot. Let’s give you the big plot’.”

Now that is what  you call a minuet minute bible. What is this a pop bible? Has religion, of any kind, become reduced to a précis? Has intellectual thought, and spiritual contemplation nothing more than a footnote?


Who loves ya Brummy?
A long-forgotten film in which the late Hollywood actor Telly Savalas extolled Birmingham’s virtues has resurfaced. Telly Savalas Looks at Birmingham was posted on the website Birmingham: It’s Not S***, after a contributor mentioned the 25-minute film’s existence.

The star of Kojak raised eyebrows when he agreed to take part in 1979. In the film, Mr Savalas claims to have “dallied in Dale End”, “rambled through Rackhams” department store and “browsed in Bull Street”.

It was commissioned to meet a quota of domestic films that distributors had to include in British cinemas, and ran as part of supporting programmes throughout the nation in 1981-2.

The viewer is taken on a tour taking in Spaghetti Junction, the old Bull Ring shopping centre and the canal network. Landmarks now considered an embarrassment by city fathers are lauded in the film.

To the question “Who loves ya Brummy?” my answer still has to be “no really, who?” Yes at the time Telly Savalas was a big name in film and screen, but that film was buried for 26 years. You have got to ask yourself why. Did Mr Savalas have a change of heart after walking around Birmingham? I have recently walked around Birmingham, and the only thing that was missing was a series of caravans in the shopping precinct and a few locals with banjos.


Blair says: BBC gloats
Tony Blair has privately accused the BBC of ‘gloating’ in its reporting of the New Orleans disaster, according to Rupert Murdoch

BBC radio 4 said that Mr Murdoch was told by Tony Blair that he was astonished by the BBC World Service reporting of the hurricane on New Orleans. Ex-President Bill Clinton is reported to have come out in defence of Blair’s comments, without openly attacking the BBC.

There has been no official complaint from Downing Street to the BBC, so no official comment or investigation has been carried out by the BBC. However reporters at the BBC have conducted a review of the commentary at the time to which Blair refers (day 9), and can only conclude that Blair might be referring to the tone of the piece, as the content is factual and impartial.

I think Tony will find that the BBC were not gloating, they were highlighting the fact that it took Bush 9 days to mobilised any help to the New Orleans people. Perhaps if Blair did not spend all his time defending Bush, he would be able to step back and do what the BBC did; take an impartial look at Bush’s handling of the situation and be horrified.


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