Week ending 26.10.07

First of all, Happy Birthday Mairead, I hope we enjoy our present.

Now to business.


The election debate TV feed pulled

The Nine Network has accused the Liberal Party of cutting its broadcast of the leaders’ debate last night. Nine used the controversial worm to track the reaction of 90 swinging voters in its Sydney studios to the comments of both Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd.

The network, which flouted debate rules that banned use of the worm, had its feed of the debate from the Great Hall of Parliament cut midway through the 90 minute broadcast.

The Nine Network managed to secure a feed of the debate from co-broadcaster Sky News.

Nine’s compere Ray Martin said the Liberal Party was responsible for the sabotage.

“The National Press Club was controlling the broadcast but clearly the sabotaging instructions came from the Liberal Party,” Martin told the Nine Network this morning.

Martin said during the broadcast angry phone calls were made to the National Press Club and the ABC to Nine.

Martin said ABC’s CEO Mark Scott also threatened the Nine Network during the broadcast. “Screaming that they were going to sue us and screaming that we had broken the rules … and screaming that we had to take the worm off and our reaction was go-jump.”

The ABC, in cahoots with the National Press Club, pulled the Nine Network’s election debate feed on behalf of the Liberal Party in an “outrageous act of censorship”, Nine’s news chief John Westacott says. Source: The Age


Ticket inspectors

If you are planning on getting into the Melbourne tram system without a ticket, do not sit anywhere near me.

My route is regularly patrolled by ticket inspectors, and every time, without exception, they have started off their inspection with me.

I have been standing up; sitting down; at the front, middle and back of the trams, sitting on my own, sitting surrounded by others; just got on the tram, been there for a while; I have even been getting off the tram as they were getting on and they start their inspection with me.

Incidentally, if your ticket is validated, they can not fine you for not validating it again.

I asked one of the ticket inspectors and she blew the myth wide open.

Validating your ticket is to alert you if your ticket has run out, and for business management purposes.

I wonder whether they have a criterion for which they are look, whether there is a particular type of person that normally tries to avoid their fare, which is why they always start with me.

Maybe they actively target men in black three-piece suits and I fit the profile.

I wonder if their where more people in black three-piece suits if they would still start with me.

Let us all travel on the tram in a black three-piece suit, let us put this experiment in motion.

Fortunately for me I have always had a ticket. Let us hope that the word gets around the ticket inspectors that people in black three-piece suits do not fit the profile of a ticket evader.


First, aid

George W Bush has declared California a major disaster zone after wildfires prompted the biggest US evacuation in the state’s modern history.

Four days of fires have killed three people, injured 40 and burned 1,500 homes, causing some $1bn in damage. More than 500,000 people have been ordered to evacuate as fierce winds fan fast-moving fires that have ravaged land from Santa Barbara to Mexico.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger thanked President Bush for signing the disaster declaration, which will free federal funds to help governments, families and individuals recover from the devastation wrought by the blazes – at least 16 of which are still burning.

Earlier on Wednesday, Mr Bush declared a state of emergency in seven California counties. He will visit the state on Thursday. Source BBC.co.uk

It is interesting how quickly the president acted with this disaster. The more cynical would say that Bush was all too eager to help the Californians’ as they have considerably more money than the New Orleans’. Californians’ are also republican voters as a whole, and there is an election brewing.

Surely it is not just me. Surely others can see that the speed with which he acted in California only emphasises the contempt with which he held for the people of New Orleans.


And Finally…

It is Black History month in the UK

I would like to draw your attention to a new feature on the BBC website http://www.bbc.co.uk/england/ukblack/

UK Black is 20 minutes of talk show highlights from African and Caribbean programmes on BBC Local Radio. Download your snapshot of contemporary Black Britain every Monday.

I have added this Podcast link to my own Links page

It is very interesting so give it a go.



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