Week ending 27.07.07

The Sweeny…Todd

Accused terror suspect Mohamed Haneef is likely to learn in days whether his criminal prosecution will be abandoned or continued by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, who yesterday bowed to pressure and revealed he had begun a review “of all material relating to the case”.

Earlier this week, Sweeney type policing embarrassed the ALP again as police officers allegedly hand wrote the names of known suspects into Dr Haneef’s personal diary and then asked him to explain the diary entries. A claim that was later denied by the police.


Mr Bugg, whose office has been tarnished by the mishandling of the case by police and prosecutors, pledged to make a more detailed statement when the review was completed.

Senior legal sources said that unless the police held damning evidence yet to be put before the courts, Mr Bugg would probably abandon the prosecution case against Dr Haneef.

Mr Bugg is expected to examine secret protected information referred to by Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews when he cancelled Dr Haneef’s visa on July 16, forcing his continuing detention.

Immigration minister Mr Andrews referred to “national security” considerations in his decision, which was influenced when Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty provided confidential information to him.

The decision of Mr Andrews usurped the earlier decision of Brisbane magistrate Jacqui Payne to grant Dr Haneef bail for a number of exceptional reasons, including the “exceptional weakness” of the Crown’s case against him.

Okay, it does not take a genius to work out that in any other civilised court in the world, the case would have been prejudiced and Dr Haneef would have been either freed, or perhaps unjustly deported in order for the government to save face. Let us not forget, that the Australian government has spent millions of dollars inplementing these terror laws, they can not be seen to fail.

This case has become a very public test of the extent of the terror laws in Australia and has highlighted how it can be abused see last weeks article found under Dr Haneef.

However the UK is not without sin. In the UK a person can be held for up to 48 days without charge under the terror laws and PM Gordon Brown announced this week that he is considering increasing this time to 52 days


An alarming white paper concludes that the Apple iPhone contains a backdoor spyware module that allows hackers or the government to conduct secret surveillance of the user, part of an established trend of corporations and the state working hand in hand to eavesdrop on citizens via widely-used software and hardware products.

Earlier this week, a technology group in Russia released the results of their attempts to reverse engineer the iPhone, concluding that the product has “A built-in function which sends all data from an iPhone to a specified web-server. Contacts from a phonebook, SMS, recent calls, history of Safari browser – all your personal information can be stolen.”

The module could act as a backdoor for trojan developers or AT & T, said the report, adding that “government structures” would have access to the information.

Source: http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/july2007/200707iphonesurveillance.htm

The general consensus on this is that nobody is surprised. We have all watched enough episodes of ‘Spooks’ in order to realise that modern technology is not a liberating as we might think.

What about the rest of us

This came from the Age newspaper:

The father and uncle of a woman who was brutally murdered for falling in love with the wrong man were sentenced to life in prison in London today.

The 2006 murder of 20-year-old Banaz Mahmod, 20, who was strangled after two hours of torture and sexual abuse, was the latest in an increasing trend of so-called “honour killings” in Britain, home to about 1.8 million Muslims.

Source: http://www.theage.com.au/news/world/honour-killing-pair-sentenced-to-life/2007/07/21/1184560081620.html

Really, Britain is home to 1.8 million Muslims. What about all the other religions that also reside in Britain, Jewish, Hindu, Christian etc.

It was not so much the accuracy of this extract that caught my attention as the emphasis.

If the murders were carried out by blond haired women, would the age have highlighted how many blond haired women there were in Britain?

Britain is a multicultured, multi-religious country, where race or creeds are not news worthy, perhaps the Australian press should move for the same.


It could be a case of game over for draughts – scientists say the ancient board game has finally been solved.

A Canadian team has created a computer program that can win or draw any game, no matter who the opponent is.

It took an average of 50 computers nearly two decades to sift through the 500 billion billion possible draughts positions to come up with the solution.

Writing in the journal Science, the team said it was the most challenging game solved to date. Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/6907018.stm

Surely scientists have missed the point of playing chess and draughts.

I thought that the pint was to pit the intellectual and strategic skills of one person over that of another.

Failing that, the use of artificial intelligence was to test and expand the mental capacity of the individual player, in order to increase, or at the very least maintain mental capacity.

These cerebral games are not there to be cracked by a computer.

Have we become so reliant upon artificial intelligence that we must now take the challenge away from mind expanding games like these?

Maybe if they make it into an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 game it would be considered intellectual.

Bad weather and poverty

Recently the discussion forum of which I am a member expressed their opinions on global warming and the divide increasing between rich and poor

Read an extract form the forum in ‘Bad weather and poverty’ found under ‘Speaker’s corner’

And finally…

Free Sex

A recent study by IBISWorld says that internet dating sites are threatening the future of brothels, due to the increased availability of free sex amongst its subscribers.

Australians makes up sixteen million visits to sex workers each year, and Western Australia accounts for fourteen percent of this number.

The article also suggested that there will be an increase in females paying for sexual services, going to strip clubs, and buying porn.

I always find it amazing that women have problems finding sexual partners. Considering that you only have to wander around the pubs and clubs on a Friday and Saturday night to see hoards of desperate, sex hungry men, salivating at the prospect of a free meal.

Go on ladies, throw them a bone.


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