Week ending 30.11.08


The political apathy of the nation was exposed once again in Channel Seven’s coverage of the election.

Channel Seven were claiming that the political coverage from the ABC and SBS would be boring in comparison to the schedule that they had on offer.

Channel Seven were not offering political commentary, they were not offering on the spot interviews with the candidates, and there were certainly not offering any insight into the implications of each seat elected.

No, Channel Seven were offering ‘election entertainment’. I could not switch over to the ABC fast enough.

The election night coverage should be a reflection of democracy at its best. It should be the moments when the nation sits on the edge of its seat and watches the future of their country unfold. That should be excitement enough, or is the attention span of the populous so limited that there needs to be song and dance aswell.

The moment then, arrives that one of the parties concedes defeat. There should be reverence and respect for the final words of the person that has lead the country for eleven years, despite whether you agree with his politics. In the same way that there should be a sense of occasion when the new leader of the country speaks as Prime Minister for the fist time.

I wonder how this experience would compare to that of the AFL final.


And Finally…

I went to the annual CaribOz cultural day on Sunday, and as usual it was well organised and fun for the children.

It also provides an excellent environment for the adults to catch up on what has been happening over the year and reaffirm cultural ties.

Visit their website on http://www.cariboz.com/ which is now also available my Links page



~ by jeditopcat on 8 November, 2008.

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