How to transfer your domain name to another site

For all those out there that, like me, are going through the minefield of tranfering a domain name or mapping a domain name to another site, here is some information that I received from WordPress on the subject:

> I own my own domain name, currently being hosted by 1&1. I have
> followed their transfer procedures but they require a petition from
> you before the domain will be transfered to WordPress.
> Please can you explain the procedure from the WordPress perspective
> to transfer and use my domain name on my wordpress blog?
> Please direct me to the URL to acquire the credits for this
> transaction?

There are two parts to domain mapping: the domain name registration and the domain mapping upgrade. Here at, we do not have the option for you to transfer a domain name registration to our system. Transferring domain name registration is different from domain mapping. What you need to do is update the name servers for your domain name while it is still at 1&1 and then purchase the domain mapping upgrade from so you can map your blog to your domain. You will need to continue the domain name registration service through 1&1 and you can cancel the hosting account. If they don’t have the option to just cancel the web hosting, then you should transfer the domain name to Go Daddy or another registrar.

Once you have the domain name registration figured out and you have updated the name servers, you will need to wait a few hours for the name server change to take effect. After it does, you will be able to enter the domain into your blog Settings -> Domains page and that is when our system will prompt you to purchase credits.

Here are the domain mapping instructions including which name servers to use:


I’m afraid that we can’t accept incoming domain transfers – however you can continue using 1and1 as your domain registar and change your nameservers over to NS1.WORDPRESS.COM , NS2.WORDPRESS.COM and NS3.WORDPRESS.COM if you wish to take advantage of our Domain Mapping feature:


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