Australian Citizensip

So now that I am officially an Australian citizen, the ceremony is on the 26th January, I have even more right, if it were needed, to provide constructive criticism to my adopted country.


The amount of time, effort, and money which we have had to spend in order to get to this stage has been phenomenal.


However the expense is still not over. Now that we have got this far, the ‘permanent residency’ visas that have cost us a small fortune, are no longer valid, so now in order to re-enter the country we now need the additional expense of acquiring an Australian passport. 


The citizenship process is definitely geared towards those that can afford to be citizens of Australia, rather than those that need to be through economic, or political displacement.


I would not have become a citizen under the Howard government. I did not want to be part of a country that had those values. However under the Rudd government I feel that there is genuine change in the air for Australia, and I want to influence that


Over the last three years I have come to terms with my new environment.


I can now appreciate what it has to offer, without making direct comparisons with the UK.


I appreciate the outdoor lifestyle that it has to offer, and the increase in my quality of life.


I can come home from work and go for a bike ride in the sun, along a sandy river pathway, lined with palm trees, and all this on an ordinary Wednesday evening.


In fact, with the current economic climate, Australia is probably the best place to be. Australia is feeling the economic bite, but less so because of the minerals and natural resources available here.


Also the micro-economy here is very different from other areas I have lived. There are a lot more smaller business here and a strong business ethic to ‘buy Australian’ or even to buy within your state.


In fact even those people that work for larger organisations appear to have a sideline business which either provides them with drinking money, or which they are nurturing for a bigger business venture.


Australia is also still finding its identity.


After rejecting the British identity in the late seventies, it struggles with adopting aspects of the American culture, before rejecting that also for the ethos of ‘being Australian’


Being Australian is more frequently defined by what it is not.


I often hear on the tv, radio, or arguments in the street that something is “Un-Australian”, yet these same people would be hard pressed to define what it actually means to be Australian.


Australians are not receptive to hearing anything negative about their country, even constructive comments, either from politicians, public figures or people in the street.


This puts me in mind of a country that does not feel confident enough about its own identity to stand up to scrutiny.


Hopefully as Australia grows through the influx of immigrants and refugees, it will learn that constructive criticism is an important part of the development of a nation.


From criticism we have debate, from debate we have change, from change we achieve improvement, and from improvement we gain strength.


Australia is a country with a lot of domestic and international potential, but it needs to learn to grow


~ by jeditopcat on 6 January, 2009.

3 Responses to “Australian Citizensip”

  1. Hi welcome to Australia, I was born here, and I hope it treats you well. But as with any country we certainly have our share of crime. I always loved my country, until I found out about our gangstalking problem we have here firsthand, and wouldn’t let any one critisize it before, but am afraid I am guilty of that lately on my blog. HAPPY 26TH JANUARY.

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