Inappropriate dress – Takes the biscuit

Where was the door bitch at the Anzac Day parade? Who let the trackie dak brigade through? Generation X and younger were marching beside the smartly uniformed or besuited bedecked, almost to a person, in trackies or jeans or worse. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It is not a matter of beauty or style but propriety.

It probably wasn’t meant to be direspectful. It was undoubtedly thoughtlessness. Or ignorance (”I always wear trackies/trackies are comfy”). I think many of my generation haven’t a clue. I suspect many don’t have casual clothes other than trackies. Nor do their kids.

I attended a citizenship ceremony a couple of years ago and a clear three-quarters of the nominees wore jeans or trackies (one lady – middle-aged – was in her bleach-stained trackies. Straight from toilet bowl to town hall.). There were two or three smartly dressed couples (suit and tie/dress and heels). No prizes: they were from Britain. At our wedding, a guest (a woman in her 30s) wore a baggy windcheater and skirt and Birkenstocks. She was in the formal photographs. It was a church wedding. There was no beach. There was no garden.

Because Gen X don’t seem to know how to dress for the occasion, their children don’t either. On Anzac Day there was a World War Two veteran, medals gleaming, shoes and head polished, being accompanied by a primary-aged great-grandson in trackies and sandshoes. Other, similarly dressed children in the march were respresenting their dead digger forefathers, with medals pinned to their logo-ed hoodies.

And Melbourne can’t be smug. A recent blogger described the ”city of European style” as the Trackie Dak Capital. There were far fewer track pants evident in the Sydney parade telecast. Yes, I started counting them.
I’m not romanticising Anzac Day (had to laugh at the besuited diggers and their reluctant betrackied grandsons lining up outside a ”gentlemen’s club” in the Melbourne CBD as I taxied past at 9pm on Saturday). But I do think certain occasions do require a certain level of dress. We seem to be able to do it for the races.

Your thoughts, please.

Posted by Natasha Hughes
April 27, 2009 8:15 PM

~ by jeditopcat on 28 April, 2009.

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