Police appeal to the community

In Australia, the police are a joke.

The population in the larger cities such as Melbourne and Sydney is still the equivalent of a medium size city in the UK like Chelmsford.

As a result, the police spend a lot of time enforcing trivial laws such as; riding a bicycle without a helmet; and parking on the wrong side of a residential street.

The police in Australia are use to ‘local’ policing, so when something major happens such as a murder or a robbery, they do not have the resources, or apparently the abilities to deal with it.

As a result, you will often hear in the news that “police are appealing to members of the community to assist in resolving the murder”

There are two things wrong with this statement.

The first thing wrong with this police statement, is that it is shorthand for “Police have absolutely no idea who committed the murder, and the woefully inept policing skills are not up to the task to investigating the crime like a real police force, so they are relying on somebody to ‘grass’ on their mate, and hand them the perpetrator on a platter”

I often find here in Melbourne, that unless the police actually see somebody committing a crime, they never catch the culprit.

Even the cctv coverage does not help, because unless you get into a car where the registration number is clearly visible on the film, you are not going to get caught, unless they put that picture on tv and appeal to “the community” for help.

The second thing wrong with this police statement, is the word community.

Since when did the police stop appealing to the public?

What community is this to whom the police are appealing?

Have the police looked up the dictionary definition of the word community?

I certainly do not know the names of everyone within Melbourne, nor am I acquainted with its populous, in which case they should be appealing to the public, not a fictional community.

In the 70s and early 80s in the UK, I use to take the mickey out of ‘PC Plod’ for being slow in their policing, until the 21st century when PC Plod went too far by taking away my civil liberties and restricted my freedom of movement, in an attempt to pander to a paranoid and controlling USA. They were not so funny after that.

I am not suggesting that the Australian police force follow the extremes of the British and American example, but an increase in policing method that provided a permanent solution to crime rather than a temporary public relations exercise would certainly begin to instil me with a little more confidence.

~ by jeditopcat on 10 August, 2009.

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