Map an existing Domain to a blog

I am currently in the process of redirecting my website domain name to this blog.

Here are the generic instructions for those that are also going through the pain.

You can map a domain that you already own to a blog for 9.97 credits ($9.97) per year. Note that you must update the Name Servers for your domain before you will be able to purchase credits (see details below).

  1. Update your domain’s Name Servers to the following. Make sure to remove any existing Name Servers that are already there.


    If you’re not sure how to update name servers, ask your registrar and they should be able to help you. If your registrar is unable to make the changes (common with foreign domains), we most likely need to add a DNS zone for your domain. Please contact support with the appropriate information, and we will take care of this for you. If your registrar needs the IP addresses of the nameservers, you can use the following. However, note that updating the Name Servers is preferred.

    When a new domain is purchased or when Name Servers are updated, it can take some time for the change to take full effect across the internet (up to 72 hours, but normally much less).

    Changing the Name Servers will make any previously setup custom DNS records such as A, CNAME, or MX records stop working, and we do not have an option for you to create custom DNS records here. If you already have email configured on your domain, you must either switch to Custom Email with Google Apps or you can use a subdomain instead which doesn’t require changing the name servers.

  2. After the Name Server change takes effect, go to Settings -> Domains in your blog’s dashboard, enter the domain into the form at the top of the page, and click the Add domain to blog button. If the Name Servers are verified, you will be prompted to purchase the required credits via PayPal and complete the upgrade/mapping process.
  3. After you have made your purchase, go back to the Settings -> Domains page, select the radio button next to the domain you just mapped to your blog, and click the Update Primary Domain button.

~ by jeditopcat on 17 August, 2009.

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