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Mass Effect 2

Play it as good, pay it as evil, play it to win the girl, play it so save the entire team, however you play it Mass Effect 2 is a well constructed thoroughly enjoyable game.

You play again as Captain/Commander Sheppard. Your aim is once again to save the the universe only this time you are taking the fight to the enemy.

You are able to import your character from Mass Effect 1 and you are given an opportunity to change you class and abilities at this stage if you wish.

There are references to the first game littered throughout the second in the form of question that you can only answer if you have completed the first game, and old faces that you can assist in quests. However it you have not played the first game, these references will not preclude you from playing this.

The creators have gone to great lengths to embellish the back stories of all the characters that you encounter in the game. There are even big names like Martin Sheen, Seth Green and Claudia Black in the game, as well as the more familiar game voice.

The game play is much improved from the first and the battle systems are a superb. The new battle system is so good that I would recommend starting the game on the hard setting, in order to be challenged by the game.

There are plenty of hidden quests in a vast and expansive universe that will provide you with at least two weeks sold entertainment.

This game is one of the best games I have played in a while, and I eagerly await the final instalment Mass Effect 3 in about a year.

The next game I expect to play in Star Wars Unleashed 2, unless absolute boredom forces me to another game.

Star Wars – Republic heroes

I had high hopes for this game, but just like the whole Star Wars franchise now, it is aimed a very young children.

It is a good concept and there is no shortage of wielding a lightsaber, however the player is not punished for their mistakes in the game.

You feel as if you are simply following your nose from on platform level to another. There are a series of rewards, but these are not too difficult to achieve.

It is a shame that the Star Wars franchise has gone down this route. This has turned into a children’s franchise where nobody dies, yet we has Asoka, who is Anakin’s Padawan, who is not in the episode three film, so at some point she is going to die a horrid death.

I would like to see a more adult franchise that follows the loveable rogue Han Solo and his trusted companion Chewbacca, then a bit like the Indian Jones franchise you could follow with ‘Young Han’ Solo, then ‘Son of Solo’.

The game is one for the children and even if you are a Star Wars fan, you will be disappointed.

Chronicles of Riddick – Assault on dark Athena

I am a fan of the Riddick films and also a fan of the first game, Escape from Butcher Bay. So imagine my delight to find out that it has been retouched, converted to HD and included free in the Assault on Dark Athena game.

That is right, two games for the price of one.

Both games start off slowly and build to a crescendo. You start of sneaking around in the dark in a ‘Splinter cell’ manner finding the less aggressive path forward, but by the end chapters you are out in the open an taking on mechs with rocket launchers and grenades.

Fore me this is double the fun. It took me about a week proper gaming to complete the first one, I took a break, then was back for more of the same.

The language and the violence is not for he faint hearted or the young, however as an adult you will enjoy the story arch and there are plenty of challenges to keep you busy.


This game starts off well, as an interesting concept. Any game that is directed by John Woo is going to be high octane action, and with Woo’s ‘goto’ guy Chow Yun Fat lending his image and voice as the lead character, you really do feel you are in a John Woo game.

There are all the Woo action traits like gun to gun stand offs and bullet time dodging, and by the end of the game you do not realise that all you have been doing for the past couple of days is mashing the fire button and dodging bullets.

The game is full of special moves and this is what keeps your interest as you slaughter your way through the game. Everything is destructible and you get points for the damage you create. With his in mind, you will love the casino.

Feel the Woo dude, feel the Woo.

Afro Samurai

Samuel L Jackson, Ron Pearlman, and Lucy Li are the voices behind the majority of the characters within this game.

The game is based on a five part MTV cartoon of the same name, with the same actors. The tv series was excellent, the story behind the game, which is the same, was great.

However there is nothing sophisticated about this game. In fact, Samuel L Jackson said it himself in the opening titles where he says “You button mashing mothef*cker”. And this is what you do all the way through the game, hit combinations of buttons as hard and as fast as you can.

This game is quite short and I played it twice, not because I enjoyed it, but because the gamer in me needed to collect all the special items that are hidden in the game.

The soundtrack for the game is very good. It is performed and directed by RZA. I would put the game on at a party purely to play the soundtrack.

The next game on my list will be the next installation in the Riddick Chronicles.


I bought this game after I saw the film. I did not want to but it before I was the film because I was concerned that it was spoil the movie. I need not have worried.

I think that the creators of the game only had a rough idea of the storyline when they wrote the game.

The game is riddled with Wolverine trivia, and it is a real homage to the original Wolverine that the fans came to know and love from the comics.

The game is good. It is the sort of game that you can pick up after a hard day at work, mash the buttons in a random fashion, and feel as if you have achieved an important quest in the game.

The graphics in the game are great, and in the ‘uncaged’ version the blood splatter can be most satisfying.

Mass Effect

I have played this game though in its entirely twice now and I could easily play it again.

It is a game that plays on the morals of the gamer. It is a game where the decisions you make change the outcome of the story.

You play as Captain Shepard who, through a series on events, becomes leader of a ship and squad become the only obstacle between ‘The Reapers’ and the total annihilation of the universe.

I did not expect to like this game after playing ‘Unleashed’. Mass Effect is a lot slower and requires you to choices during conversations with what you want to ask people or how you are going to respond in certain situations. This game uses the same engine as the KOTOR games.

However, the fact of the matter is that I did like the game, and I was drawn into every decision that I make as Captain Shepard. I cared for the safety of every member of my squad, perhaps too much, to the point that I even managed to get a little alien loving.

The game was worth every hour played and I look forward to Mass Effect 2 coming out sometime next year.


~ by jeditopcat on 7 March, 2010.

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