An air of hope for the future

I am currently on a short assignment at the University of Technology in Sydney.

I walk into the dated grey concrete block of a building, prominent amongst the sprawling university campus. I take the beaten freight lift up to the 24th floor, where I then get out the lift, move into the stairwell, and continue to climb the stairs to the 25th floor.

I then teach the students and repeat the journey to go to lunch and again to return back to my hotel, before doing the same thing again the following day.

However, although the building is old, grey, and appears at first glance to be on its last legs, the atmosphere is a complete contrast to the lumbering building.

It begins the moment that you turn onto Broadway road where you are thrust into a wall of vibrant student life.

The streets are filled with a sense of hope, panic, elation, despair, young love, and lazy days, skateboards, fashionably tattered clothes and study.

I continue into the main campus building which is being fully utilised by the students. The building, old as it is, is designed to have open space within an enclosed structure, so you do not get the feeling that you can only pass through the area, you feel as if you can find one of the many convenient seating areas and read, hang out, or just watch the world go by for a few hours.

The design of the building is in itself only a small part of the ambiance that gives the building an undescribed energy. Of course the main energy in the area is being generated from the students and you almost feel as if you can scoop it up in a bottle, store it in a cupboard, and drink it down later when life throws you lemons.

This energy seems to have seeped into the walls of the building, embedded in time for the benefit of generation of students, captured upon which current and future students may feed off its positive nourishment and experienced past.

There is an air of hope for the future that radiates from the collective body of students, a sense that in this building anything is possible and the future is still unwritten.

The cynicism that comes part and parcel of my everyday life now seems distant in this environment, and there is a feeling that, just for a while at least, you can let your guard down and open your mind completely to all possibilities without fear of reproach. Where you can experiment with philosophies and concepts without the restrictions of conventional thought.

Here there is a tangible intangible of possibility.

My university education was gained in conjunction with being part of the British workforce. This in conjunction with the fact that it was so close to my school education meant that I probably did not appreciate the vibrations emanating from my seat of learning.

My god-daughter Lalah is currently at university. I wonder if see senses it. I wonder if she feels this same power of possibility.


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