Deus Ex Human Revolution review

I have been asked to write a review of Deus Ex – Human Revolution and I can not do this without commenting on the first Deus Ex back in 2000.

The first Deus Ex features JC Denton and his part in a war that, at the time, I did not fully understand. However this game was the first game that I played where stealth and the alternative route were a feature of the game. There have been games before and others since, the Splinter Cell, and Metal Gear Solid series spring to mind but none of these captured my attention like the first Deus Ex.

Now the second game is here and it offers so much more.

The story line is fantastic and perhaps the fact that the world continues to change around me, has given me more scope to better understand the last game, and appreciate this game more.

The concepts, and philosophical principles discussed throughout the game had me pausing the game on several occasions in order to establish my own principles on certain matters.

The game is also littered with mini books which are extracts from papers and publications that allow the users to further develop knowledge of the moral questions being discussed in the game.

The game play is brilliant and the fact that you can save at any point is a simple convenience often missing in these types of games.

There are several ways that you can play the game and your choices effect how people respond to you. You can even chose to play it with stealth from the shadows, or in a Clint Eastwood walk down the middle of the street shooting at the bad guys style.

Even your weapons and augmentations will alter your choices throughout the game.

I loved playing this game but be aware that this is a long game, or at least it can be if you are achieving your objectives from the shadows.

When the credits role, just like a marvel movie, make sure you stay to the end.

Now the long wait for Knights of the Old Republic 3.


~ by jeditopcat on 10 September, 2011.

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