Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II – review by Apollo

I’m not even sure if Topcat or anyone has left a review for this game, but here we go.

Quick and easy… playing it on the hard level, which is pretty standard these days for gaming buffs to get real enjoyment out of thegame (or any game) it has a new power, the Mind Trick.
It makes you wonder why it took them so long to make this happen, this is the highest selling Star Wars game of all time, they had to put it in.
In my opinion if used correctly, a level 3 mind trick is a very valuable power. Depending on whether or not you learn how to use it tactically.
Few things are more satisfying than hearing Starkiller mind trick a storm tropper with “Your life is a lie,” and then see them jump off a cliff. Its good to see.

So far Force lightning has been significantly reduced in power, and in some cases, in ways that defy physics useless. However force push at level 3, or in fact even at level 2 its crazy over powered.

Once you start getting some range on force push, few stand a chance against you. In a way I like that
because Push is a light side ability from Lighting which is dark! so maybe its more balanced this way.

The game plau is still at the high level of the first game, so its really about following the story onwards as a Star Wars fan, depending on how you like the story of a game to be presented to you, you will either agree that there is nothing to be talked about here. If your not a Star Wars fan, you will enjoy the it, in that you have unleashed more of the Universe in playing this game.

This game shows what is all good about the Star Wars Universe, there are countless stories to be told about many people surrounding the main story, and the more games we get like this, the bigger Star Wars becomes.
I’m enjoying the story as a thrill ride as I collected the clues needed to unleash the truth, while others may say that there wasn’t a story at all.

Just more gameplay, in all honesty, I’m finding that the story is quite deep, as long as you didnt want everything spoon fed to you, and are willing to go the extra mile.

8 out of 10

Let me be honest, the poor reviews I read was for one reason alone, in that the game is short.. the first game was 10 hours, this one can be finished injust over 6 hours….which I think it rubbish, I played for2 hours last night and I’m still on the 2nd level?. the main reason for that is I’m playing on Hard, and you have to use a lot of Stratgy.
I played a level on Normal to see the difference, and I wiped the floor with everything without a breeze!… which is very worrying, my 8 year old son could finish the game on normal.



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