Wasted food

I saw on the ABC yesterday that each household in Australia throws away twenty five carrier bags of food in a year in waste. We overstock and have to throw it away because it has gone off, or out of date, or we simply over pile their plates.

It is recommended to keep a food diary of what is consumed and what is in the cupboards, then only buy what is required.

Commercially farmers throw away fruit and vegetables before they get to market in order to keep prices high, sometimes because they do not have enough staff to harvest in time.

Fruit and vegetables also have to pass a beauty test. Fruit is thrown away if it is not a perfect shape, and even because the plant is so heavily laden that the fruit touches the ground.

However, this is not just confined to Australia.

When I was growing up in London we use to constantly hear about food mountains, where European produce was being stored because it was not economical enough to sell, yet people elsewhere in the world went starving.

A quick search of the internet reminds us of what we waste.


There is of course another side to this story, in that farmers who are unable to sell their crops would go bankrupt and therefore there will be less people producing food, but as we all know that argument is not so simplistic.

There are schemes to distribute a quota of farm produced not consumed domestically of sold internationally, to charities and countries that need assistance. However the cost and politics involved in these transactions makes them unpopular within governments.

Distribution of this food in the poverty stricken countries is often mismanaged and aid often falls into the hand of those that least need it unless the processes are closely monitored by aid agencies.

However, doe this mean that we should not try?

Let us all think twice about what we buy in stores.

Let us all check our cupboards and monitor what we consume, so as not to waste produce.

Anyone would think food just grows on trees or comes out of the ground.


~ by jeditopcat on 19 October, 2011.

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