A United Kingdon – Where were you born?

  • In 2011, 13% of England and Wales residents – 7.5 million out of a total population of 56.1 million – were born outside the UK.While all English regions and Wales experienced increases in foreign-born residents between 2001 and 2011, the largest numerical rises were in London and the South East of England.
    The 10 local authorities with the highest proportion of foreign-born residents in 2011 were all London boroughs. London had three million foreign-born residents in 2011 – 37% of its population of 8.2 million.
    The lowest percentage was found in the North East of England in 2011, where just 5% of residents were foreign-born.
    Of the 7.5 million foreign-born residents in England and Wales in 2011, more than half (3.8 million) arrived in the last 10 years.

England and Wales

People born abroad:

7.5 million or 13%

People resident fewer than 10 years:

3.7 million or 6.6%

Most born abroad:

  • Brent 171,000 (55%)
  • Newham 165,000 (54%)
  • Westminster 117,000 (53%)
  • Kensington and Chelsea 82,000 (52%)
Ethnic group Percentages
White 86.0
Mixed/ Multiple ethnic groups 2.2
Asian/Asian British 7.5
Black/African/Caribbean/Black British 3.3
Other ethnic group 1.0


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