Vic ICT for Women

Recently I applied to become a board member of the Vic ICT for Women.

They are a worth while organisation that is fighting for the advancement of women in ICT.

I had to deliver a presentation, for about five minutes, on what skills and experience I could offer the board and its members.

Regardless of the outcome, I would encourage you all to do what you can for this and other organisation like this one.

This was my speech:

Thank you for considering my application for board membership.

At this point it would be very easy to start reciting my cv, however that information is readily available on the application that I sent in, and is publicly accessible on my Linkedin profile.

So what I will focus upon, is answering the question of why do I want to sit on this board and what do I feel that I can offer?

The answer to the ‘why’ part of that question is simply my motivation, and my motivation is driven by what I see in my everyday working life.

I am an educator for a large IT company.

On the surface, if one was to look around my office, you would think that we lived in an equality utopia, where people are mentored into the roles that they desire, and where people are judged upon their capabilities, and rewarded for that.

However my job takes me into other organisations, and it also brings other organisations to my classroom.

This interaction with a broader cross section of society provides me with a unique, but not too unfamiliar insight, into what we all know to be the position of women within our ICT world.

As a snapshot of a general trend; over the last few months I have been engaged in six large organisations carrying out various tasks within ICT. Out of that, the number of women with which I interacted within the technical environment, was less that 6%.

Over the last six months the number of women that I have taught within my classroom has averaged about 10%, but that number drops quite significantly to only 2% on technical courses.

I am an educator, that imbalance does not go unnoticed by me, and certainly can not remain unchallenged.

Everyone in this room is here for similar reasons, to advance the progress of women within ICT.

I would hope that you would give me an opportunity to do what I can to assist.

Q: What do you feel you can offer as a board member?

I would not presume to come into your organisation with a pre-packaged solution.

I would need to speak with members and board members in order to fully understand the accomplishments of this organisation so far.

I would also need to further understand the direction and goals of this organisation.

Once I have a better understanding of the organisation, I would then feel that I could make informed suggestions that might benefit us all.

My approach is a proven one. I have been a founding committee member on two community based organisation, and I am still a committee member of one of those to date.

In my time with both of them I was responsible for; a significant increase in community awareness; a substantial increase community involvement; and I actively contributed to a surplus of over $10k for an organisation that was constantly re-investing into the community.

This organisation is different in its needs and goals, so my approach will also alter to reflect these differences.

I am a huge Star Trek fan, and to use that analogy; I am no captain Picard/Sisco/Janeway, I am not even a first officer, but I am a bridge officer with knowledge and skills to offer. What I need is a course.

I would hope that you would give me an opportunity to do what I can to assist.

Thank you for your consideration.


~ by jeditopcat on 13 November, 2013.

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