Hong Kong

Hong Kong has to be one of my favourite cities in the world.

Staying on Hong Kong island is a good idea, especially if you are there for a period of a few days.

Buy a travel card called Octopus at transport desk at the airport when you arrive. You use it just as you would a Myki or Oyster, but in addition you can use it to buy food and goods in 7elevens and other convenience. You will need it to get the train into the city from the airport and it is very handy for getting the star ferry from the island to Kowloon.

The wet market would be my first stop: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/eng/shop/where-to-shop/street-markets-and-shopping-streets/chun-yeung-street.jsp This will give you a taste of real everyday Hong Kong life on the island.

Aqua Spirit is on One Peking Road, which is also the name of the building. It is a good place to be for the light show.

Take the tram to the top of Victoria Peak, do the tourist view of the city, but then leave the complex and have a drink in one of the few bars at the top of Victoria Peak. The bar that we went to was The Peak Lookout which was about a one or two minute walk from the Peak.

Stanley market is a nice day out, but is an expensive tourist trap, however Aberdeen is a good location to spend one of your evenings.

Kowloon is not to be underestimated. The night market is great for local food and picking up the usual stuff you find in markets. You can then head up to the North Territories and is good for getting a ‘real life’ experience of Hong Kong/Kowloon, but there are very few bright lights of the big city up there.

Opposite the international ferry terminal across the main road there are antique areas and but you will need to start to head up the hill to find them, do not be delayed by the multitude of everyday shops. This is also the start of the series of walkways and escalators that will take you up the hill to a series of laneway bars and cafes.


Jumbo Kingdom is a massive floating restaurant located on the mouth of the estray.

It caters for massive weddings, romantic evenings and regular dinners. It is not the cheapest place you will find, but it does provide a wide selection of meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes in a pleasant atmosphere. Ask for a table outside if it is just the two of you, and inside for the larger parties.


When you get to the peak head straight for the roof to get a paid view of the city, then head downstairs and sit in the coffee shop to enjoy the view further.

From there come out of the complex and cross the street where you can freely stroll around the gardens on peak for an hour before either getting the tram back down, or enjoying the longer and more scenic public transport bus route down back into the city.


In and around Lok Ku road and ladder street you will find the antiques section where you can pick up anything from a big buddha for the garden to a little keepsake for your pocket.


Dim Dum Square is small Dim Sum restaurant which is great for breakfast or lunch. Be sure to get outside of the usual rush hour times as there is always a queue and they do not take reservations. It is nothing fancy, but the food is cheap and cheerful.

Kau Kee is another lunch or snack time venues that only has locals queueing up outside. It does not look like much and is found on the corner between Central District Health centre and Shanghai lane restaurant. If you are up for a food adventure, give it a go.


Gilman’s Bazaar is a small but growing working market with small local cafes and practical everyday stalls. Missing a button on your jacket, or looking for a pattern, this is your place.


IFC roof top bar is a nice place to watch the sun go down with a drink in hand. It is found on the roof of the IFC building which is a massive shopping centre near the ferry terminals. The drinks are reasonably priced and the place draws an after work crowd.


If you are looking for a nice bit of duck we can recommend the Peking Garden, Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowloon.

Situated near the Star ferry on the top floor of a small mall, it is cheap and value for money.

The duck is there specialty however they do cater for other tastes.


The Peninsula Hong Kong is well known for its ‘high tea’,and is of a particularly good standard. It is a through back to the days when Hong Kong was occupied by the British but they embrace this and make it a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon.


Kowloon park is great on a Sunday as Martial Arts schools come out to practice and put on demonstrations freely for anyone to watch.

On other days you will find Ti Chi classes in the mornings and people exercising, meeting up, or just sitting on a bench, people watching.


Up past Kowloon park there is a market, near Jordan Station. It is great for buying fake goods like handbags and wallets, toys and clothes etc.

It use to be a night market, but when I was last there in 2017 it had grown into a thriving day market as well.

In fact take the time to wander around that whole area and discover the unpublicised shopping streets, popup stalls and everyday retail shops.


Get up early one morning and take the Ferry or train to Lantou island.

From there go across the shopping plaza, past the bus terminal and get the cable car to the Tian Tan Buddha, which is a massive Buddha on the top of Ngong Ping mountain.

Visiting the Buddha It is not for the faint hearted as there ate 260 steps to reach the top. From there you can either pay to join the monks for a meal, or just enjoy the wonder of this relatively new attraction.


Get up early, get the ferry and spend the day on Mecau. The Architecture is very different, with a Portuguese type feel to it.

It is famous for its casinos and nice hotels, however do not be afraid to just wing it when you are there.

Be aware that you may be asked for your passport to travel between the two regions.


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