16.10.16 -First day of many

I am in Barbados.

What!! Another holiday?! Well no not this time.

My work contract came to an end and, in Australia, there is very little recruiting done between October and February, so as opposed to spending the time annoying my partner, we decided to use the time to execute my father’s will which is logged in Barbados.

This will, which went into probate in April, is still in probate now in October. Nobody can explain to me why it is taking six months to do something that should only have taken two months to complete in any other country. So I am hoping that my presence will move things along, and allow me complete my role as executor of the will.

My solicitor’s clerk says that the delay is because the court personnel go on holiday during summer, my solicitor says that it is because of the layers of bureaucracy reinforced by levels of self importance, my architect says that it is the lack of performance measurement which allows people to look busy doing very little, however my family and I thing that it is a reflection of the corruption and lack of enthusiasm that systemic throughout, not just Barbados, but the Caribbean as a whole.

So this afternoon, I arrived hot at sweating in Barbados seventeen hours after my expected arrival time and a day later.

I picked up my suitcase, well I say my suitcase but it actually belongs to my partner, to find that one of the wheels had been ripped of somewhere between LAX and BGI. I am hoping that all of this is not an omen for the rest of my stay in place that I am about to call home for a while.

I looked around for a baggage representative so that I could register this mishap, but was unable to find one, so I left the terminal knowing in the back of my mind that this was going to come back a bight me in the arse.

I went outside expecting to be overwhelmed by taxi drives and tour operators, only to find a small spattering of people, all of whom were disinterested in me, most of whom barely lifted their heads from their phones. I scanned the faces looking for one that was similar to mine, but it was not until I approached a taxi rank that I saw a familiar stride and was there greeted by my cousin/flatmate.

On the ride to my house, we discussed the thin ring of yellow around Barbados, the conflict between officials at the airport and a number of other conversations that normally happen between family. I dropped of my damaged luggage, took photos and made notes for tomorrow, then headed straight to the supermarket to pick up supplies.

Food is more expensive that Australia on the whole. Meat is cheaper but the quality of the meat is not as good as other countries within which I have lived. Rum is cheap, as one might expect from a rum producing country, however my own favourite, Mount Gay Extra Old, is $45Bds compared to Cockspur Old Gold which is $25bds. Now that I am living in Barbados with no visible means of income, I need to start cutting back on my decadent ways, so I bought the Cockspur and will endeavour to acquire a task for this still quite reasonable product.

Most other goods are imported from the UK and the US. It is not uncommon to see Waitrose and other shop branded names in the supermarkets in Barbados, but they are not cheap, and neither was by shopping bill.

I returned to the house and talked with my cousin some more before beginning to feel the jetlag.

I have an early start tomorrow and I have set myself a list of things to do.

I potentially have a limited time in Barbados and I want to utilise the time effectively, so I have set myself a list of main objectives that have to be achieved in order to call this little experiment/gamble a success. I have then broken these objectives down into tasks, and allocated these tasks to days, weeks and months. This way I should be able to stay on track, or at least be able to measure my progress and adjust where necessary. This organisation skill is thanks to my old boss Roshan, who constantly instilled the importance of project management. Although I did not realise that I would be project managing my own life for the near future.

I have set myself some personal goals and objectives aswell. For example, to take advantage of the fact that chocolate and crisps are too expensive here and try to eat more healthily; Utilise the fact that the beach is not far away at all, and exercise some; and use the fact that there is no television in the house, to read and write more.

Tomorrow is a pay the insurance for the van, meeting with the solicitors, sort out damaged luggage with American Airlines.

No going back now, let the games begin.


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