18.10.16 – Bureaucracy and Beaches

Those who know my writing style will be surprised that I am not starting each of these blog posts with my usual “Captain’s Log, Stardate:…”. I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that my previous Captain’s logs are normally journeys of some sort. I am not travelling from one place to another, seeking out new experiences and different cultures, I am in one fixed place, a base of operations and using that to live day to day.

In a Star Trek world, I am having more of a Deep Space Nine experience, which would make my blog posts Commander’s Logs, as one can only Captain a moving vessel.

All of that aside, I am probably a little too old to get away with Commander’s logs, and to a certain degree it will detract from the harsh reality of what I am doing and why.

Today was a ‘take a number and stand in line’ day.

Since April of this year, I have been trying to have some simple alterations to be made to my telephone service.

I had requested that a telephone line be transferred from my deceased father in to my name.

I also asked for the box to be move from downstairs, to an upstairs location.

They asked me to email a pole number for my electricity and confirmed the directions to the house.

Unfortunately the work had not been carried out in five months.

Once all this is completed I will remove the telephone service from the account and only leave the internet remaining.

There was also an unusual charge on my bill. My service had not been interrupted or disconnected in any way and that this may have been pre-empting the above requested work.

They thought that the service may have gone off but when I paid a bill it was reconnected, however I then pointed out that I had not paid the last three bills until yesterday, because I knew that I was coming into the office to discuss this matter, and all my services were still on.

The also stated that they were transferring from copper to fibre optics, so I needed to create a new account, that will keep the same telephone number and the same phone and basic Internet service. I therefore filled in another application form and signed it.

So, for all these relatively simple tasks, I went to their offices, took a ticket, and waited in line for 45 minutes with all the other boisterous, irate, restless, but polite customers all waiting to be served by the illusive staff.

When I walked around the corner, my number having been called, I was met with nine empty desks, seven empty counters and only three working staff.

Welcome to Barbados.

The person with whom I spoke was polite, and for 45 minutes she made promises that all my needs would be met, however I remain sceptical.

I consider that to be measured success.

I came back and immediately detailed our conversation to the assistant in an email to ensure that there was no confusion further down the line.

By the time that I had completed this plus other tasks, it was 16.00hrs and beach-o-clock.

Here is the official government tourist notification for the Sargassum seaweed from last year http://barbados.org/blog/barbados-seaweed/#.WAayBMm2NMs . You will note that they discuss future measure should this ever happen again, well where are they now?

This is a newpaper article from last year http://www.barbadostoday.bb/2015/06/27/sargassum-seaweed-everywhere/
Just as valid an article as if it were written yesterday.

However, this will not stop me venturing to the beach as often as possible, it just means that I may only get my feet wet.

I also means that I will have time for other writing. This blog will not be the only articles that I write while I am here. This also means that these blog will not be everyday.

At the moment I am still finding my feet as most people would when moving to a new country. I am missing the nuance, because I am swamped by the practical aspect of it all.

To that end I intend to focus my writing to that it is less a stream of conscience as it is at present, and develop it into a better crafted body of work.


~ by jeditopcat on 20 October, 2016.

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