20.11.16 – Discouraged and disappointed

Disaster has befallen my plans to execute my father’s will.

Paperwork that should have been files in April in order to start proceedings, was found sitting on the desk of my solicitor’s secretary this morning.

Updates that I have been receiving about the progress of will, have all been lies.

The money that I have spent to get here and stay here has been a waste.

The opportunities that I have rejected in order to spend the required amount of time in Barbados to complete the execution of my father’s will, would have been fruitless.

The sacrifices that my family and I have made for me to be here can never be quantified.

The reasons that I told myself to justify this journey are now unqualified.

Now I have to change tact. Now I have to change priority. Now I need to change the objective of this trip in order to salvage some sort of success out of this complete shambles.

My primary objective now has to change, with a secondary objective of executing the will.

This proves everything that I have been saying about Barbados. People in prestige jobs are more concerned about doing as little as possible, rather than doing a good job. They use bureaucracy to hide laziness, they use their position to mask mediocrity and inability. They are allowed to get away with this sort of behaviour because there are no metrics by which people are measured. There are no quotas for customer service and no consequences for poor achievement.

People like me loose because others like me either accept their lot, or do not have a voice.

Well I have a voice.

I am disheartened, but I will turn this to my advantage.


~ by jeditopcat on 21 October, 2016.

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