21.10.16 – Kamikaze raindrops

Have you ever been in the sea when there has been a heavy down pour?

You body is surrounded by warn water, which is above body temperature, and your head is getting wet from the rain.

Your instinct is to try to retreat from the rain, but then you realise that it is warmer in the water that trying to wait it out on the beach under a tree. So you bob p and down in the sea, enjoying watching the rain plough into the sea at your eye level, like little kamikaze pilots.

Facing out to sea, you can imagine this occurrence happening everywhere at any time on this ocean heavy planet. Your mind wanders to another ocean in another part of the world where someone else is enveloped by this mass expanse, eyes level with the water, gazing into the horizon, making the same observation.

Then you realise that the longer that you are in the water, the sooner you will start to get cold, just through time in the water, so every five minute block that you spend in the water is another five minute gamble that you are going to get cold and not be able to dry off.

Did I mention that I have no towel, and that there is a ten minute walk up hill to get to one? But amidst all of this gambling on getting wet v being wet, you are still transfixed by the rain colliding relentlessly into the sea, observed at eye level.


~ by jeditopcat on 23 October, 2016.

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