21.10.16 – A book of Mormons

There was a three car crash at the end of my road yesterday involving Mormons oddly enough for where I live.

The crash took place at a junction, and traffic was unable to go around the crash which was inconveniently in the middle of this small crossroads.

The Mormons were being diligent by taking photos of the crash, the road signs, and the people involved, where as the Bajans were being boisterous and waiting for the police.

I went to offer my assistance, by informing them that if all the pictures had been taken and numbers exchanged, that they could perhaps move their cars to the side of the road in order to let other traffic through.

“You can not move cars at the scene of a crash” on man shouted at me.

“I understand your position” I calmly responded “I am pretty sure that for a straight forward crash you can stay on the scene but allow other traffic to pass”

“Are you a police officer?, I said are you a police officer, no, then stop paying the fool English. You do not know anything about Barbados.”

At this point I got back into my vehicle did a u-turn and drove away.

Is this what it is always going to be like? The moment that I open my mouth, everything that I say is discounted because of my accent.

When I was younger I cultivate a Bajan accent to stop me getting jumped at school. When I was older, I used that accent to pay local prices for good and services. It looks like I will need to cultivate it again in order to be taken seriously, even at the bottom of my street.


~ by jeditopcat on 24 October, 2016.

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