24.10.16 – Tapas

Like everywhere in the world, Barbados has flies. They are not as persistent as Australian flies, but they try it on in much the same way as you would find with British flies.

I eat most of my meals on a table situated by an open doorway, and when an inevitable fly appears I normally have a knife and fork in each hand, which I use to brush away the fly.

But then it made me thing what this looks like from the fly’s point of view.

There it is flying along where it sights my culinary delight.

It swoops in for a closer look, only to be swiped at by an object containing that same bit of food.

It is like walking down a high street and having someone offering you samples of the food that you will find inside the store.

Well that is what we are doing with the flies. We are passing the food in front of their many eyes very slowly. It is no wonder that they think that it is an invitation to shop around on our plates.

But then when they fly in we again try to bat them away with out utensils.

The fly must be thinking, “I know mate, thanks for the invitation, I am trying to get to the plate if would ever stop waving these samples at me”

That is why the Spanish has the right way to deal with flies, simply give them there own small plate, and they are more likely to leave you alone.

Food for thought.


~ by jeditopcat on 25 October, 2016.

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