28.10.16 – Barbados Licensing Authority 3, Gibson 0

For the last few weeks now I have been trying to pay my road tax. I have stood in a queue to reach to counters now for a accumulation of five hours and fifteen minutes without any success.

I have been told:

The can not except electronic versions of documents, I must print them off.

The documents that I have printed off are not correct and can not be used.

Documents can not be in Black and White.

And, we need to see an original cover note and not one that has been sent by email from your insurers.

At one stage the woman looked at my documents, told me to print them off, only to tell me that they were the wrong ones. Did she not think to tell me that they were the wrong documents, when she inspected them the first time, and before telling me to print them off?

The road tax is no poultry sum. It is a significant amount of money, and you would think that they would make it as easy as possible to take that sort of money from an already reluctant clientele.

The postal system is not helping.

Original documents that were sent from less than three miles away on 18.10.16 still have not arrived.

Mail that does arrive goes to a completely different house and has to be picked up periodically.

I am regularly challenged with the phrase “Well what are you going to do” and today I try.

Today I started looking around for a customer service number, email or contact. I scowered web pages and pamphlets looking for a supervisors name, manager, and even a department official, but this information was as well hidden as the customer service manual in the Barbados licensing Authority office.

You will again bureaucracy, but at what cost?

Well you are now not getting road tax from me, which the roads could definitely use. No road tax means that I might as well cancel my car insurance, so now I will be an unsafe menace on the roads of Barbados. No insurance means that the Bajan owned insurance company will have less money to employ Bajan workers. Less workers means less money to spend it the economy. Less money in the economy is a poorer Barbados. A poorer Barbados is a weaker Barbados, and all because of an over abundance of bureaucracy and severe lack of service in a service industry.

I hope you enjoy your hollow victory.


~ by jeditopcat on 1 November, 2016.

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