31.10.16 – Go to our competitor

Today was the turn of the national telecommunications company Flow for me to try and get a very simple task carried out, that has so far taken eight months.

Collectively I have been six hours in their office trying to get a simple job done.

What is the task that has taken since April to do? Change the phone line from my late father’s name to mine and move the router from the downstairs flat to the upstairs flat. That is it.

I first went into their offices in April where I filled in the forms, the photocopied all the relevant documents and went on my way. Because I was also in the process of organising tasks around the funeral I did not get a chance to chase Flow for a switch over date.

Upon my return in June, I was told that the work had not been carried out because the technician could not find the address, so as we live in a technological world, I then provided the person behind the counter with a map reference, pole number and picture of the house, before leaving her office assured that the work would be carried out in two days.

Unfortunately the customer service in Barbados let me down again, only this time I was able to constantly email her requesting status updates on when the work would be carried out. Unfortunately once again I had to leave Barbados without ever hearing from her again, she simply did not bother to respond to my emails.

So here we are in October and three weeks ago I went back in and told my plight to yet another unknown and uncaring face who promised me faithfully that the job would be done in two day…which it was not

This leads me to today where I queued for the obligatory hour and a half only to be told that there was no record of any paperwork being submitted from my previous visits effective forcing me to start the now eight month process again from the beginning.

Why did you not ask for a manager?

You will like this. In what is their main customer facing sight, there are no managers or supervisors in the building. None.

Flow appear to outsource all their staff to a company called LM Kommunication (with a K), so nobody there has any responsibility or authority to do anything other that take money and listen to a mass of dissatisfied customers.

The woman next to me was told by the Flow staff that she would be better of closing her account and moving to their rival Digicel.

I spent and hour sitting with a completely different employee as I made sure that she typed my details into the system and photographed ever document that I need to sign for my digital records.

I find it difficult to believe that in any organisation there would not be a management hierarchy on site, or an office that customers can go and complain. Then again, that is why their own staff are telling customer to walk across the street.


~ by jeditopcat on 2 November, 2016.

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