03.11.16 – maggots

If ever you were squeamish about insect, picky about food, or had a phobia about something or another, Barbados has a way of curing you of that nonsense and bringing you back to a harsh reality.

Flying cockroaches the size of small bird, that is able to break a porch light; sandflies that attack and follow their victims; Centipedes that will bit you and make your toe swell to the size of a tennis ball; all of which are brushed away with the disregard one might find in the Australian outback.

Today I woke up to a kitchen floor covered in maggots.

Then were coming from the kitchen bin, that shall now be called the veranda bin.

I also learned today that insect killer, does not kill maggots, and sweeping them is really ineffective and they roll up into little balls and stick to the floor.

A charming way to spend the morning and surprisingly enough, I am still not that hungry yet.


~ by jeditopcat on 5 November, 2016.

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