06.11.16 – A veranda in the rain

Someone wise instilled in me that it is important to have a place that you feel comfortable when it is raining or can not go out.

The same person also said, to always try to get a place with a balcony or veranda.

Today we had tropical rains all day. The weather was overcast and the winds picked up a little, to the point that for the first time I am wearing two layers.

However I have a gallery which looks out over the road, and veranda that looks out over the farm.

So on the coldish wet and miserable day, I still have all the doors open and am able to enjoy a mug of tea on the gallery, watch cars plough through the flooding water that have formed on the street below.

So what does one do on a whole wet day like this, in fact without friends, what does one do with your weekends? My cousin does tours around Barbados, and pointed out that, every weekend I could go and visit an attraction

This is actual not a bad idea, as it have been a while since I have gone to the various landmarks and historical places in Barbados.


~ by jeditopcat on 7 November, 2016.

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