21.11.16 – The evangelical church.

I read a quote this week (it may have been Fanon) that one of the most damaging influences in the Black community is the church.

Being raised around religions I thought this a bit harsh, but later upon reflection, I believe the statement, though sweeping, to be reasonably accurate.

The statement does not refer to those who have faith, and service that within moderation. The statement refers to those for whom the church is all consuming.

I am writing this piece on a Sunday, and all around me I can hear the sounds of preachers tending their flock through song, and ministry.

If you do not go to church on Sunday, then Sunday is a lonely and quiet time, as very little is open, and that which is open is devoid of vibrancy.

This extends into wider social circles also, as even in general conversation, people will try to ascertain whether you are a god-fearing person by asking about your church or even slipping scripture at random into general conversation.

I find in Barbados that there is a large cross-section of people that put their faith entirely in the church, using the phrase “God will provide”.

They use their knowledge of the scripture to try to mask the fact that they are unable to hold a reasoned debate on politics, economics, or other social conversation.

They selectively quote passages from the bible that will allow them to remain passive, and not to take an active interest in the political matters that directly affect them.

The government are delighted, because with a church or a rum shop on every street corner, it is easier for them to pacify the masses, while preachers, churches and bar owners get rich off the monetary and temporal contributions of their patrons.

When I was younger and studying, my father would hear me singing the latest soul/funk track and would say “If you knew your lessons the way you know those songs, you would learn much more at school”

For me the same applies with the church in Barbados and its place in politics. If people put as much effort into understanding the political situation as well as understanding and demanding their rights as they put into reciting scripture, Barbados would be much further along it its political and economic development.

The is also bearing in mind that the education system in Barbados which is marked by the Oxford and Cambridge board in England, is higher than that of Britain.

Bajans are not stupid by any means, however their focus has been misdirected to centre on passive inaction.

As well as “God will provide” what about “God helps those, who help themselves”

If the passion that is displayed in churches by the congregation could be harnessed, and redirected into rectifying the bureaucracy of government workers, and the corruption of local and national politics, Barbados would catch and surpass other Caribbean countries to be the efficiency and technological envy of the Caribbean.


~ by jeditopcat on 21 November, 2016.

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