22.11.16 – Ghost rider

When driving around in Barbados people often raise their hand and shout “hello”, or stare into the van looking for recognition from the driver.

This is all because I am driving what was my father’s van.

The van is quite distinct as a mid-size red Hyundai H100, as it is one of two red vans that I have seen on the island, but that is not only what makes it recognisable.

My father use to give people lifts to and from church, and the church use to use my father and his van to go on excursions. He also use to pick up people he knew on the roadside going to and from the shops and deliver them safely to their door. The van also use to be used to transport large items for local community members for only the cost of petrol.

Needless to say that the van is well recognised in the area so when they see it drive past, they expect to see my father.

This has another affect of people thinking that he is still alive. People have commented, “I am so sorry to hear about your father, I thought he was still alive because I only saw his van driving the other day”.


~ by jeditopcat on 25 November, 2016.

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