27.11.16 – starry starry night

It is late and I am listening to the drone of very bad kariokie. It strikes me that these must be the same people that I listen to during the day singing hymns, as their out of key voices drift over the farm from the church which can be heard but not seen in the distance.

Despite the sound pollution there is very little light pollution here, and this affords me a great look at the heavens above me this late at night.

I stare up at constellations that I recognise from childhood and they are as familiar to me as the lyrics to a favourite song or a devilish baseline.

I realise that my prolonged gazing up at the stars is not just a familiar habit, but a reassurance of my geographical, and perhaps emotional place in the world at this moment.

I have lived in Melbourne for 17 years and the night sky there has not as yet brought me the same comfort and scene of belonging as that of a London and Bajan night vista.

The night sky in the northern hemisphere is a skyscape that is difficult to put into words.

They say that a picture says a thousand words, but that is a thousand words that have gone unsaid to describe the night sky and how I relate to it. Especially in a world where pictures and devalued and disposable thanks to Snapchat, Instagram and the other social media photographic platforms.

But then, in Melbourne, I do not have to listen to what has to be a drunken rendition of ‘On top of the world’, so you know, there is that.


~ by jeditopcat on 28 November, 2016.

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