28.11.16 – Hands around Barbados sham

Today was one of the major events of the 50th celebration calendar.



The idea was that everybody on the island would link up and hold hands around the perimeter of the island. If you could not get to the beach roads, then you would hold hands around your office, playground worksite in solidarity.

The event was a sham.

It was supposed to take place between 09.00 and 11.00, and in this modern age of technology where we all possess mobile phones and access to facebook pages, it should be simple enough to coordinate.

School children left their lessons and lined the roads. Guests and staff from hotels came out onto the beach roads in anticipation. Locals and shop workers stood on the side of the road waiting to be organised. However much like the celebrations so far, this event faded into a whimpering disgrace.

We were supposed to hold hands at 09.30 but there were not enough people available to reach in the area that I was standing. By 10.30 we were at our maximum number of participants, but even that was not enough, as people were bunched up together and not spreading their arms to cover more distance. Due to this lack of organisation we came nowhere near our optimal potential.

I was speaking to a woman who said that they did this when she was 12, before mobile phones, facebook and all the modern methods of communication at our disposal, and they managed it perfectly.

By 11.30 we were dispersing in disappointment, all of us keen and eager to have been part of something great, but all instead being whiteness yet again to our organisational short comings as a country.

Already in newspapers it is been heralded as a success, another example of the propaganda driven agenda of the Bajan press, but those of us that were out on the streets know the real story.


~ by jeditopcat on 30 November, 2016.

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