09.12.16 – See you next Thursday

I put my money where my mouth was yesterday, cleaned myself up and went down to the Hilton to sit a bar and scout for information.

I am looking to build up a social life that is not based around family or a church.

I have looked for clubs and societies but have come up short. I have even created a branch of the Black Caucus called The Black Caucus Barbados and advertised on MeetUp.com and other social forums, but to no avail.

So last night I was propping up the Hilton bar, nursing a glass of rum, reading a book and listening out for the combination of a familiar accent, and thoughtful conversation.

The evening was pleasant enough, but I failed in my objective to find my social circle. I got talking to the barman who told me that most clubs and organisations had there own bars and tended not to meet in hotels. He also suggested that returning nationals and locals alike frequented St Lawrence’s Gap, but I am local, and know that not to a quite wine bar type environment to discuss the politics of the day with forward thinking individuals.

I left the bar at about 21.00 and decided to take a drive around Bridgetown to see whether I could spot the social interaction I seek.

I saw people heading to and from Xmas parties, but I could not find anywhere with the lights on and the right clientele inside. Even the boatyard seemed to not be as busy as the music and lights would indicate.

I drove back home knowing that I will have to continue this method in order to find my people. Thursdays appears to be a reasonable night, close enough to the weekend that people do not feel it is imposing on weekend duties or revelling with partner, and close friends.

See you next Thursday my illusive social life.


~ by jeditopcat on 12 December, 2016.

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