11.12.16 – University has made you stupid

“University has made you stupid! It has stripped away your Christian values and opened you up to the Devil” said a cousin as we discussed the state of Barbados and the essential changes required to bring it into the 21 century.

He continued, “Your parents were good Christians, I can not believe some of the things that come out of your mouth.”

And then as what he considered to be the final ‘nail-in-the-coffin proof of my intellectual and spiritual demise he said; “I bet that you believe in evolution”.

His views were not isolated here in Barbados, and I do not blame him for the way that he thinks.

He is a product of this environment and prodigy of church doctrine taught as a substitute for activist action and passive acceptance of your circumstances.

We continued our back and forth as we spared over politics and my view of how the people should effect change, compared to his view of God will provide.

“The problems with the country would all be resolved if we all sat down and prayed.” He said, presenting this statement as a ‘deus ex’ solution to all of the problems facing Barbados.

“So you are telling me that we do not need to do anything about the corrupt politicians, and poor service, we so not need to protest and make our voices heard in order to bring about change, all we need to do as a nation is get on our knees and pray for help” I responded.

“Yes”. He replied “It says in the bible that when that nation bows to pray, that God will restore the land”.

For me, this conversation is another example of how religion was used to pacify the masses during slavery and how this doctrine has been passed down through the years by slave masters, politicians, and preachers alike.

Do not look for peace in your lifetime, carry the burdens of misfortune, corruption and unfairness with a hymn in your heart, as you will be saved not through your own direct action, but through divine intervention.

This may have worked when we were shackled to irons and out gunned by a smaller opposing white force, but then there was emancipation. Then there was free will, then there was the vote, and then there was the responsibility of taking our destiny into our own hands.


~ by jeditopcat on 13 December, 2016.

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