30.12.16 – White moon rising

Walking to the beach today I passed a security guard for Maxwell Apartments. Normally we just nod or say hello, but today he engaged me.

“My job is observation” he started “And I thing that you need to live here.”

“I do live here.” I replied sharply “I live up the hill.”

“Well well, how long have you been coming to this beach?”

“Four months now, I live up the hill and pass here every day.” So much for his observation I was thinking, if he does not even recognise that he sees me most days at the same time.

“Well” he responds “Your face looks much more relaxed from when you first started coming here.”

I smiled and continued through the grassy gap between the two buildings to get to the white sandy beach.

My face looks more relaxed, more like I have come to the resolution that I can not get anything done at a pace I would prefer and therefore what he sees on my face is submission.

There are more white people in non white areas.

I live a stones throw away from Silver Hill, a notorious government housing estate which has the reputation of Brixton in the 80’s and 90’s.

Recently I have seen a lot more tourists driving past my house, heading up the hill. What could be up there that is drawing these people off the tourist trail, away from the beaches and into our domain?

I also noticed that there are a lot more houses in my area occupied by Caucasians that clearly live here, rather than being on holiday. It is understandable that some people come here for a holiday, like it and start buying property in affordable areas of Barbados, and like in England with Blacks and Asians, they buy property in areas where they can have neighbours like themselves. However to come this far up the hill is unusual.

As I am writing this piece, a family of seven white people in sports clothing walked in single file past my house heading up the hill like the Von Trapp family. The sight brought people to their balconies, including me, all wondering where they are going and what brings them to Silver Hill?

Massey is a supermarket chain and Carters is a hardware store, both are staffed this year with extra holiday help, but unlike previous years, Carters is staffed with young white men of university age, pushing boxes around the store, while Massey has turned to middle aged white women with English accents, stacking shelves and moving goods around the store over the xmas period.

I am in no way, making a judgement, merely an observation that the integration of Black and White Barbados has now come as far as Silver Hill.


~ by jeditopcat on 1 January, 2017.

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