16.01.17 – Better under whites

“Africa was better run when it was under the white people. Robert Mugabe went wrong by kicking out all the white people from Zimbabwe before they could teach the Blacks how to farm. The black farmers should have left the white farmers where they were, and set up in an adjoining farm so that they could learn from the whites.”

It was Wednesday night and I had swung by my cousin for our usual late night debate.

There was so much wrong with his sentence that I did not know where to start.

I wanted to talk about Mugabe starting off as a puppet for the British empire, even being rewarded with a knighthood for his role. I wanted to talk about how his decline into dictatorial madness was overlooked by the British because he provided the firm hand of stability in this once British region of Africa.

But I was not being heard. He was on a roll because at some point in his past he had read a book on this subject, although with these statements, I am not sure whether the author was not a person that longed for the return of the empire upon which the sun never sets.

He continued “Look at all the countries in the world. Those run by white people are prospering, and those run by blacks are struggling, and corrupt.”

His statement though unfortunately accurate, had not taken into consideration why this was the case. That centuries of self serving colonial interest in the Africas had raped the countries of there original government structure, civilisation, education, and natural resources, before leaving it without the trade contracts vital to sell to the western world, as well as deliberately destabilising the governments so that they would constantly war against each other, and not mobilise into the power cartel they could be.

His “white is right” outlook was no longer unusual to me, as this is one of many conversations that we have had on similar subjects.

Only recently in an evening promenade, I was forced to make him aware of the fact that he was only acknowledging the white tourists that were also enjoying and evening walk along the boardwalk, and not the Blacks.

He continued

“If we want to make political and economic change here in the Caribbean, if first needs to happen in Africa”

“I disagree” I interjected “I believe that we should not wait for others to make change and fro us to follow, I believe that we all change, wherever we are and the world follows.”

He allowed me to continue

“Change happens at a grass roots level and grows up through the political system as we demand more from our politicians and the people that we have elected to represent us. Politicians work for us, they are not doing us a favour.”

He continued to disagree and we continued to have a lively debate about a slowly rotating number of subjects, well into the evening.


~ by jeditopcat on 17 January, 2017.

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