16.01.17 – Estate Agents

I am in the process of renting out my house in Barbados. It consists of a tree bedroom flat downstairs and upstairs there is a two and one bedroom flat. It is not a small concern and is important for the self sustaining prospect of the estate.

Over the last couple of weeks I have seen a barrage of estate agents in different guises.

Some are hungry for the work and make every effort to take notes, look around the property and really listen to what I want. They also give of themselves by discussing there own experiences in this game and making useful suggestions on how the property could be rented quickly.

Others are full, either because they do not cater for the rental market that I would attract, or they are long in the tooth, or do not need to take on any more properties in order to live comfortably.

One agent set about telling me how the property should have been rebuilt from scratch in order to attract a rental prospect, while another discussed the moral dilemmas that he is forced to bare being an estate agent.

Once couple could not stop looking down their noses at me and made it clear in actions more than words that a person such as I should not be in possession of a property such as this, and they would have been much happier dealing with a lighter complexion.

Once thing that most of them stated, was that they met people from all walks of life in tenants and landlords, buyers and sellers, tourists and returning nationals.


~ by jeditopcat on 17 January, 2017.

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