Whose line is it anyway?

I materialised in the 1930s, it was midnight and I was in my latest incarnation, which was an ostentatious 12 year old with an interest in Basketball, so it was unlikely that anyone was going to recognise me from this past life, unless they too had travelled back in time from the academic halls of Gallifrey to carry out this drug deal, a drug deal that would wipe my debts and help pay for those gold and latenam Air Jordan’s that I had my eye on back in 2025.

The Tardis materialised in the dimly lit halls of the Academy of Gallifrey.

He had hit is mark perfectly, arriving at midnight as expected, in time for the deal that was going to make him rich.

Nobody would expect a 12 year old boy dress ostentatiously dressed in his favourite basketball top and gold Jordans, to pull off the drug deal of the century.


~ by jeditopcat on 18 March, 2020.

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