My River: The Thames

The Thames stands as more than just a river that runs from the chattering classes of the of Oxford, into the heart beat of London. It is a identifier, used by everyone to define their tribe.

Traditionally North London has had a better transport infrastructure that South London, so South has been considered the poor cousins of those living North of the river. This is illustrated by the evolution of the London underground system.

The Thames used to be a working river that reflected an industrial London. Although unclean, Londoner still used to flock to the river bank, and use the river as others might use the beaches on the coast.

Now the river flows mainly silent, enclosed by tower blocks and spanned by elaborate bridges, that hosts evolved working city, where the air once thick with smog, is now heavy with old white male privileged corruption.

However, the Thames is more than just a historic landmark, it is an identity which all Londoner absorb, and a status that all those along its estray clamber to assume.

The Thames defines the way that you will speak and the accent that you will carry with you for the rest of your life, albeit buried beneath hours of expensive elocution lessons, or sung proudly from the vocal chords of those who proudly recognise their tribe.

It is the unconscious source of your London pride and has often been responsible for violence most bloody and romance so forbidden.

My river is the Thames, which runs through my veins like it runs through my city.



~ by jeditopcat on 1 April, 2020.

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