Links – News and Information

A voice for Black people, by Black people @

Fight the power @ Facebook: The Black Caucus

The lighter side of Jedi Topcat @

Mairead’s Website @

Mairead’s Food @ Fill Up On

News in Barbados

News from the BBC

Podcasts from Black Britain

The Times Newspaper

The Guardian Newspaper

The Australian Newspaper

The Age Newspaper

Find out more about Barbados

The Caribbean Association of Victoria – CaribVic

Radio 4

Oxford English Dictionary

Film reviews with edge

Watch the latest movie trailers

Chaps Magazine – A well dressed read

Excellent Anime from Xia


Find the origin of well known phrases

Find the origin of slang words

Street Map

RAC Route planner


Smoking Gun – Hollywood gossip

For the latest technological developments

How stuff works


Interesting jumpgate

What is on TV tonight




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